About Targetwire

Targetwire is the next generation media distribution service.

Targetwire was developed for the world's major corporations and International PR agencies who want maximum coverage for their news releases in the most effective and cost efficient manner. A newswire that offers online news distribution and targeted email PR distribution.

If you are a business looking to maximise your effectiveness, growi your brand and build a relationship with key journalists there is no better news distribution service.

How does Targetwire give your news the edge?

Personalised media planning service

A better level of customer service comes as standard. We offer advice on markets for distribution, we will discuss take-up and advise on sub-edits to your copy for better coverage. We also arrange ‘country of origin’ translations and follow-up with you after distribution.

Profiled lists

Targeted Distribution Profiles We profile our email distribution to your target markets, by country, by market, by journalist. You can add your own contacts and we will amend your list free of charge.

Buddy lists

Buddy Lists Help Build Relationships We help you set up and maintain your own ‘buddy list’ of journalists, complete with addresses, emails and phone numbers. This lets you to build a more personal relationship with the journalists who are most important to you.

Email Distribution

Email distribution from your company Targetwire technology sends out each release as an individual email containing your news, not in a ‘bulk email’ and not, as in the case of traditional newswire services, as a ‘generic’ news alert that requires journalists to search through all the other ‘hot’ news items on the day.
The release is sent in line with their time zone, ensuring that your news gets there at the right time. Our lists are constantly updated with new contacts and publications.

No Text Limits

No Text Limits We do not charge by number of words and There are no text limits. This lets you articulate your message and maximizes the value we offer.
Keep your release to the point with just the right amount of information and you will gain more coverage.
Why not download the Anatomy of a Press Release for advice on how to structure your release for both email and online distribution.

Logo Included (Company branding)

Logo Included We believe that your release should promote your company, not ours. The only logo in the email is yours and it appears in the journalist’s ‘inbox’ as though it‘s come directly from your company.

No Charge for Links

Links Included We include as many links as are necessary for you to get over your message. This can be links to images, rich media or landing pages. We can advise on the proper placing of links for maximum effect (and also to avoid annoyance for journalists!)

SMM Bloggers and Influencers

SMM Influencers Increasingly, online influencers can be as important as print journalists (and for some target audiences, more so). We track the major bloggers across vertical industries to ensure that your release gets maximum exposure.


SEM Feed We send your release out online so that it is picked up on Google and other search engines. This contributes to off-page optimization for search engine optimization (SEO) for your website, link-backs and inbound marketing.

Twitter Feed

Twitter Feed Every news release is ‘tweeted’ on Twitter and we link them to a key theme. You can follow us at www.twitter.com/targetwire

RSS Feed

RSS Feed Targetwire offers an RSS feed that many journalists in the UK and abroad subscribe to. They get notifications of new releases as well as the story in their inbox. This gives you twice the chance of success with your press release. Our RSS feed can be linked to at http://www.targetwire.com/rss/main.rss

Online Clippings Service

Clippings Service We trawl the Internet using our own Spider to find all the sites writing about your news. We then email these clips to you. This saves you time (and money).

Translations and multi-region coverage

Translations and multi region distribution Our fully relational database is one of the world’s largest covering all verticals across all regions.
Some countries expect releases in their native language so we offer a comprehensive translation service carried out by native speakers. This means one release can be sent out in several languages to target journalists in every part of the globe.
And just in case you were wondering … we use local professional translators who are experienced in press release translation. No machine translation here!


Targetwire helps you build a better relationship with your target journalists.


Contact us on

USA +1 775 232 7644

Europe +44 (0) 207 993 8211

When DS2, the world leading developer of chipsets for Powerline Communications issued a press release for the Open PLC European Research Alliance (OPERA), outlining an international standard specification for Powerline Communications it received over 60 cuttings in the first 17 days from quality publications across the globe.