'Switch to Fleetstar' programme brings benefits of telematics-enabled fleet insurance to UK organisations

  • New Cybit initiative enables fleets that equip their vehicles with Cybit’s Fleetstar-Online telematics service – available from as little as £20 per vehicle per month – to take advantage of Norwich Union’s unique ‘Fleet Telematics’ insurance offering
  • Outstanding telematics costs can be incorporated into new Fleetstar-Online funding agreement

Cybit, the UK’s leading online telematics service provider, has launched a new programme – ‘Switch to Fleetstar’ – that makes it even easier for users of first generation telematics systems to switch to Cybit’s new modular Fleetstar-Online, Internet-based fleet management solution. The ‘Switch to Fleetstar’ programme also provides customers of older fleet management systems with the opportunity to switch easily to Cybit’s industry-leading solution and take advantage of major new developments such as Norwich Union’s unique ‘Fleet Telematics’ insurance offering – the industry’s only telematics-enabled fleet insurance product.

With initial entry-level costs from as little as £20 per vehicle per month, Fleetstar-Online is a flexible and scalable vehicle tracking and fleet management solution that introduces a unique modular approach to fleet management. Organisations that have already switched to Fleetstar-Online from rival, first generation solutions are quickly benefiting from improved productivity, access to real-time operations data thanks to GPRS connectivity, reduced operating costs, the ability to validate timesheets and overtime claims, elimination of unauthorised mileage, compliance with Health and Safety Legislation, driver support, Duty-of-Care and 24/7 online visibility of current fleet positions. Based on a next generation telematics platform, Fleetstar-Online’s data feeds feature highly accurate information collected at 19 second intervals, underpinning the development of third party services such as Norwich Union’s ‘Fleet Telematics’.

“Our new ‘Switch to Fleetstar’ programme is all about providing organisations with the best-in-class telematics solution they want, and the long-term support they need to achieve bottom line benefits for their business,” commented Richard Horsman, Cybit’s Chief Executive Officer. “At Cybit we’re focused on ensuring that our customers optimise their ROI and derive competitive edge from their telematics implementation. We offer the most comprehensive solution, supported by our extensive consulting services. Cybit’s telematics provide businesses with the information they need to optimise their contract performance and Service Level Agreement adherence.

“We’re also the only telematics vendor working closely with major partners to help develop innovative telematics-based solutions that can deliver additional value for users of our solutions,” he continued. “For example, Norwich Union’s new 'Fleet Telematics' offering uses Cybit technology to help customers benefit from fixed insurance premiums for two or three years, and gives them the opportunity to earn up to 16 per cent premium rebates each year - subject to their meeting agreed risk management standards. Solutions such as 'Fleet Telematics' demonstrate that telematics is entering an exciting new era, and we’ve launched the ‘Switch to Fleetstar’ programme to help organisations benefit from the clear ROI and performance enhancements that a Fleetstar-Online solution can offer.”

Cybit has developed its ‘Switch to Fleetstar’ programme to make it particularly easy for organisations to upgrade their vehicle tracking and fleet management solution to Fleetstar-Online. As part of the programme, Cybit is also offering to incorporate any outstanding telematics funding costs that organisations still have tied up in first generation solutions into the customer’s new Fleetstar-Online funding agreement, subject to credit clearance.
Organisations wishing to switch to Fleetstar-Online should call Cybit on 01480 389100 or visit the company’s website at www.cybit.co.uk.

About Cybit:
Cybit is a leading Internet-based Telematics Service Provider (TSP) and supplier of fleet and asset management solutions to the business-to-business sector. Cybit’s solutions portfolio includes vehicle tracking and management, lone worker support and car pool management. Hundreds of companies across a wide range of industries already use Cybit’s online solutions to improve the management and control of their fixed and mobile assets. Additional information is available at www.cybit.co.uk

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