DJ Hewer implements Cybit and Norwich Union’s Fleet Telematics after successful trial

  • Fleetstar-Online allows DJ Hewer to save approximately £12,000 over an initial 12 week trial period
  • Provides DJ Hewer with the potential to receive an annual Risk Recognition Rebate of over £11,000
Cybit, the UK’s leading online telematics service provider, has announced that DJ Hewer has implemented Fleetstar-Online and gone live using Norwich Union’s unique ‘Fleet Telematics’ fixed premium insurance scheme after a successful initial trial with the Cybit system produced impressive cost savings. A six-vehicle, 12 week trial of Cybit’s fleet and asset management solution resulted in over £12,000 being saved from the building services installation and maintenance provider’s operational costs. The initiation of the ‘Fleet Telematics’ insurance scheme, following advice from DJ Hewer’s insurance brokers – the Brunsdon Group – provides the company with the potential to save a further £11,200 in Risk Recognition Rebates for each year of the three-year Fleet Telematics insurance deal.

The Cybit system allows DJ Hewer to verify the location of drivers without the need for a telephone call, resulting in a significant cut in communication costs. The ability to avoid potential traffic hotspots has also enabled DJ Hewer to increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction because customers receive their goods on time. They can also verify overtime claims made by its mobile workforce and monitor any out of hours vehicle usage to eliminate unauthorised journeys. This has translated into a direct reduction in the overall number of miles driven and a consequent reduction in fuel expenditure.

After the solution had been in place for 12 weeks, DJ Hewer analysed exactly how effective the Cybit solution had been in improving productivity and efficiency in comparison with its costs from the previous quarter. The gains were substantial. Expenditure on fuel was cut by £872, payroll costs were reduced by £5,907, while an increase in the number of jobs fulfilled per day translated to an increase in productivity of £5,850. This minus the cost of the Cybit solution equated to an overall saving of approximately £12,000 for the six vehicles using the system over a 12 week period.
“We invested in telematics because we were looking to reduce the overall cost of running our fleet, improving its efficiency and also providing a greater level of Duty of Care to our workers,” commented Robert Willmott, Service & Maintenance Manager at DJ Hewer. “Prior to the implementation of telematics, an administrator was faced with the same questions every day, such as: where is engineer X? Why is he not answering his mobile phone? Fleetstar-Online has completely removed the need for these enquiries and reduced our cost on communications at the same time. The concise reports and the detailed mapping delivered by the system matched our requirements exactly.

“The findings of our trial were extremely impressive and as a result we have decided to extend our use of telematics to all of our service vehicles. We were also impressed by Cybit’s commitment to providing technical support and assistance during the first months of implementation,” added Robert Willmott. “We’ve also decided to go live on ‘Fleet Telematics’ as this will enable us to make further cost savings through following good driver practices.”

“For many years Brunsdon has considered Norwich Union to be one of the most prominent and pro-active insurers in the fleet sector. So when we became aware of the ‘Fleet Telematics’ product, which combined a traditional core insurance product with recognition for risk management by using Cybit’s fleet management solution, we were in no doubt of the saleability to our clients,” added Neville Mills, Partner of the Brunsdon Group – DJ Hewer’s insurance broker. “After an initial number of vehicles were fitted with the Cybit solution, our client immediately reaped the rewards through reduced operational costs, increased productivity and safer driving. The solution sold itself! The added benefit of a fixed insurance spend and a possible premium rebate secured the deal”

“The savings made by DJ Hewer during its trial of Fleetstar-Online illustrate the undoubted advantages that Cybit solutions can bring to organisations in all manner of different sectors that have a fleet operation,” commented John Wisdom Director of Sales and Marketing at Cybit. “The combination of Cybit telematics and Norwich Union’s innovative ‘Fleet Telematics’ insurance offering will provide DJ Hewer with a real competitive advantage and a means of keeping insurance expenditure to a minimum by following good practices.”

Under the new strategic partnership agreement, Cybit provides the core telematics technology for Norwich Union’s ‘Fleet Telematics’ solution. Qualifying fleets that install their vehicles with Cybit’s Fleetstar-Online telematics equipment – available from as little as £20 per vehicle per month – can take advantage of Norwich Union’s unique fleet insurance offering, which features:
  • fixed price insurance cover over two or three years
  • annual telematics-based insurance premium rebate when key performance indicators are achieved
  • risk management advice that looks at key elements of the telematics records, coupled with claims information to provide an analysis of key performance measures and bespoke risk management reports
  • best practice guidance on running a fleet of vehicles including compliance with safety and legal issues.
About Fleet Telematics:
Fleet Telematics is the result of a year long pilot programme delivered as part of a joint venture between leading technology company Cybit and insurance giant Norwich Union.
Company vehicles fitted with Fleetstar-Online from Cybit can purchase the product. Norwich Insurance specialists work with fleet operators to periodically monitor vehicle use and safety issues with a view to supporting effective risk management techniques. Each company using the new system has the potential to earn 16 per cent premium rebate every year if it meets key performance indicator targets – and can avoid fluctuating insurance costs through fixed rates over a two or three year period.
The product also aims to provide fleets with risk management tools designed to reduce avoidable accidents. The rebates will be performance-based.

About DJ Hewer & Co:
DJ Hewer & Co is a family owned company established in 1965 by David Hewer who still remains the company chairman. The business has developed from a small one-man operation into one of the regions leading building services installation and maintenance providers.
Our reputation for quality is the foundation of our company and with the assistance of our supply chain partners we continue to strive for perfection in all of our areas of business.

About the Brunsdon Group:
Celebrating over 70 years in business, the Brunsdon Group is one of the foremost, multi-faceted, independent insurance and financial service brokers in the South West of England.
The company is conveniently based in Gloucester and boasts a rapidly expanding local and national client base that has developed largely through recommendation.

About Cybit:
Cybit is a leading Internet-based Telematics Service Provider (TSP) and supplier of fleet and asset management solutions to the business-to-business sector. Cybit’s solutions portfolio includes vehicle tracking and management, lone worker support and car pool management. Hundreds of companies across a wide range of industries already use Cybit’s online solutions to improve the management and control of their fixed and mobile assets. Additional information is available at

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