Cybit strengthens its drive into the food delivery market with major order from Caterfood

  • Caterfood success follows Fleetstar-Online order from ‘Sainsbury’s to You’
  • Solution offers potential to gain insurance Risk Recognition Rebate through integration of telematics
Cybit, the UK’s leading online telematics service provider, has strengthened its drive into the food delivery market with a major order for Fleetstar-Online from Caterfood, a specialist supplier of ambient, chilled and frozen foods to the catering trade. Caterfood has chosen Fleetstar-Online to enhance Duty of Care for its mobile workforce and take advantage of a potential Risk Recognition Rebate from Norwich Union as a result of the implementation of telematics. Caterfood joins ‘Sainsbury’s to You’, an organisation that has already taken advantage of Fleetstar-Online, to improve the productivity and efficiency of its food delivery operations.

Caterfood will initially implement 41 Fleetstar-Online units for its fleet of temperature controlled vehicles, allowing it to track and monitor the activities of its fleet in real-time, an essential requirement for the delivery of perishable goods. As part of the agreement, Caterfood – already a Norwich Union Fleetwise customer – has the potential to gain a Risk Recognition Rebate by following good driving practices as reported by the Fleetstar-Online solution.

“The main reason behind our decision to implement telematics to our fleet was that we wanted to improve the level of Duty of Care we provide to our mobile workers,” commented Mark Felton, Managing Director, Caterfood. “The Cybit solution allows us to track our vehicles in real time and enables us to check that our drivers are safe and following good driving practices, such as keeping to speed limits. This enhances the safety of our fleet, while also providing us with additional benefits such as the ability to optimise our fleet and minimise fuel expenditure.

“In choosing Fleetstar-Online we were also able to take full advantage of Cybit’s ongoing relationship with Norwich Union to gain potential rebates on our insurance expenditure. We chose the solution following a recommendation by our insurance broker Bartlett Davies Bicks,” concluded Mark Felton.

"Caterfood has always actively managed its vehicle fleet, but for some time it has been looking for a more efficient fleet management system. Initially Caterfood’s motivation was to provide better customer service, while being able to reduce running costs, boost productivity and support their Duty of Care responsibilities,” commented Karl Hanson, Director, Bartlett Davies Bicks – Caterfood’s insurance broker. "However, by using Cybit the potential for further premium rebates became available. Further to this, Norwich Union has appointed a specialist fleet surveyor to analyse the information provided by Cybit, with a view to providing a longer term premium advantage."

“The delivery of foods, whether it be to homes or to the catering trade, is a real growth sector for Cybit,” commented John Wisdom, Director of Sales and Marketing at Cybit. “This order from Caterfood offers further proof that Cybit is rapidly becoming the telematics partner of choice for companies operating in this sector.

“Fleetstar-Online offers clear business benefits to organisations involved in delivery, and our ongoing partnership with Norwich Union further enhances these benefits by recognising good driving practices through Risk Recognition Rebates and fixed annual insurance premiums,” concluded John Wisdom.

Cybit provides the core telematics technology for Norwich Union’s ‘Fleet Telematics’ solution. Qualifying fleets that install their vehicles with Cybit’s Fleetstar-Online telematics equipment – available from as little as £20 per vehicle per month – can take advantage of Norwich Union’s unique fleet insurance offering, which features:
  • fixed price insurance cover over two or three years
  • annual telematics-based insurance premium rebate when key performance indicators are achieved
  • risk management advice that looks at key elements of the telematics records, coupled with claims information to provide an analysis of key performance measures and bespoke risk management reports
  • best practice guidance on running a fleet of vehicles including compliance with safety and legal issues.

About Caterfood:
Caterfood is a specialist provider of ambient, chilled and frozen foods to the catering trade. Based in Paignton, Devon Caterfood has been in business for 35 years and employs over 90 people.

About Bartlett Davies Bicks:
Established in 1959 Bartlett Davies Bicks provides both Commercial and Personal Insurance using many Insurance Companies.

About Cybit:
Cybit is a leading Internet-based Telematics Service Provider (TSP) and supplier of fleet and asset management solutions to the business-to-business sector. Cybit’s solutions portfolio includes vehicle tracking and management, lone worker support and car pool management. Hundreds of companies across a wide range of industries already use Cybit’s online solutions to improve the management and control of their fixed and mobile assets. Additional information is available at

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IBA - PR for Cybit
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