Flogas orders GPRS-based telematics and satellite navigation solution from Cybit

  • Leading Liquified Petroleum Gas supplier signs three year contract for Fleetstar-Online telematics and Smartnav satellite navigation
  • Cybit solution helps Flogas to track deliveries and plan routes to major customers including Coca Cola, Total and Sainsbury
Cybit, the UK’s leading online telematics service provider, has won an order from Flogas, one of the largest Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) suppliers in the UK, for an advanced fleet and asset management solution that incorporates satellite navigation. Fleetstar-Online’s GPRS-based telematics technology will allow Flogas to track its delivery fleet in real-time and make the most efficient use of working time within the constraints of the Road Transport Directive. This will ensure that Flogas enhances its customer service and provides accurate ETAs to its clients, including major organisations such as Asda, Coca Cola, Sainsbury’s and Total.

Flogas will implement Cybit’s Fleetstar-Online telematics and Smartnav satellite navigation solution across its fleet of 105 delivery tankers. Cybit’s solution will enable Flogas to monitor vehicles in real-time through the matching of current GPS positions to mapping at 20 second intervals, while Smartnav will provide drivers with advanced satellite navigation, live traffic information and also deliver advanced notification of route delays and options for alternative routes.

“Cybit offered a solution which also integrated event management for Flogas, such as the ability to monitor the length of time it takes our delivery tankers to discharge the product,” commented Tony Humphreys, Logistic Director at Flogas. “This provides us with the information we needed to establish just how long vehicles spend actually discharging LPG, rather than the total time a tanker spends on site.

“The visibility to fleet operations, plus real-time traffic information and a high quality navigation system will enhance our delivery capabilities, while Cybit’s functionality and reporting suite will also help with planning our Duty of Care compliance,” he continued. “The data produced by the system will allow us to have complete visibility of the routes taken, duration of stops and discharge times, service history and distances travelled.”

John Wisdom, Group Sales and Marketing Director at Cybit added: “Flogas provides an essential fuel supply to thousands of customers nationwide who rely on LPG for everything from heating and cooking to powering vehicles. By deploying Fleetstar-Online into its primary distribution fleet, Flogas will significantly enhance its operational efficiency and Duty of Care provision.”

Fleetstar-Online is Cybit’s scalable Internet-based telematics solution that features real-time vehicle tracking, exception reporting, replay mode, customised reports, mileage information, SMS messaging and live traffic information. Fleet vehicles are fitted with a small electronic in-vehicle-unit (IVU) which is tracked by GPS in real-time and then transmits data to Cybit’s online control centre. It provides companies with a cost-effective ASP-based fleet management solution, which offers users anytime, anywhere access to the system via a standard web browser.

Fleetstar-Online also features added value solution support, with fully integrated Smartnav satellite navigation and RAC Trackstar Plus stolen vehicle recovery system functionality. Smartnav is an ‘off-board’ satellite navigation and route planning system that gathers real-time traffic information from Trafficmaster's established network of cameras and sensors around the UK.

About Flogas:
Owned entirely by DCC, a leading support services group focused on sales, marketing and distribution in the energy, IT, healthcare and food markets, Flogas UK Ltd is one of the largest LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) suppliers in the UK.
Flogas has an acknowledged reputation within the industry, and is established as the second largest LPG company in the UK, following steady growth over the last 20 years. It delivers to thousands of customers nationwide who rely on LPG for a wide range of uses, from heating and cooking to powering vehicles and animal farming. Flogas also sells a comprehensive range of LPG equipment products to both business and domestic users, offering over 1,000 different product lines. For more information visit www.flogas.co.uk.

About Cybit:
Cybit is a leading Internet-based Telematics Service Provider (TSP) and supplier of fleet and asset management solutions to the business-to-business sector. Cybit’s solutions portfolio includes vehicle tracking and management, lone worker support and car pool management. Hundreds of companies across a wide range of industries already use Cybit’s online solutions to improve the management and control of their fixed and mobile assets. Additional information is available at www.cybit.co.uk

Contact information:
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Marketing Manager, Cybit
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