Cybit Positioning Solutions created to provide specialist telematics-based positioning products

  • Re-branding of Thales Telematics Plc to focus on delivering precise positioning solutions to oil and gas exploration, precision agriculture and mining industries

Cybit, the UK's leading online Telematics Service Provider (TSP), has launched Cybit Positioning Solutions (CPS), the company formed following the recent acquisition of Thales Telematics Plc, to provide specialist telematics-based solutions to industries requiring precision location and positioning information. Cybit Positioning Solutions will operate closely with BlueFinger, acquired by Cybit in 2006 and which focuses primarily on maritime industries, to extend its portfolio of solutions in precise positioning and radio based technologies to companies in the oil and gas exploration, precision agriculture, mining, airport operations and maritime industries.

Cybit Positioning Solutions will enable organisations, such as those in oil exploration, to precisely locate and track their prospecting operations to help identify exactly where to drill. Other industries may use location information to manage busy operations - for example ports and harbours - or to comply with strict health and safety regulations. Cybit will continue to supply and support the new web-based Asset Locator solution, formerly, ensuring that new and existing customers maintain and protect their investments.

"The acquisition has broadened the scope of our solutions in the market," commented Richard Horsman, Cybit's Chief Executive Officer. "The addition of radio-frequency-based tracking products enhances the accuracy of GPS-derived positioning data which will open up new markets for us where specialist solutions are required. We are able to leverage our core portfolio into larger, global organisations, because the synergies between Cybit Positioning Solutions and BlueFinger are highly complementary, and we can combine the solutions, implementation and consultancy expertise of the two businesses to create a very strong offering."

BlueFinger was acquired by Cybit Holdings in 2006, and is highly focused on location solutions for specialist industries, such as maritime and fisheries. Cybit Positioning Solutions brings a pedigree of hardware and technology focused operation that can be combined with the solutions focus of BlueFinger to bring enhanced business propositions to new markets.

Cybit Positioning Solutions will provide systems that combine highly accurate location information using GPS based solutions with robust tracking based on radio frequencies in the VHF and UHF bands which provide position accuracy to sub-metre levels. The use of regional or local dedicated networks makes the systems free-to-air and allows independent communications which do not rely on public access networks.

About Cybit:
Cybit is a global force in Telematics, operating within three core sectors: Internet-based vehicle Telematics solutions; Economic Exclusion Zone (EEZ) Management; and Private Mobile Radio (PMR) based asset tracking and precise positioning solutions.   

In the vehicle Telematics sector, Cybit is one of Europe's leading Telematics Service Providers (TSPs). More than 1,500 business to business clients use our fleet and asset management solutions to manage in the region of 35,000 assets. Solutions include in-vehicle technologies, work flow management and internet-based monitoring and reporting software. The company also provides consulting services to advise on legal issues such as duty of care and working hours.

Cybit is also a global leader in the field of EEZ fisheries management, tracking many thousands of fishing vessels on a daily basis. The company provides vessel monitoring and catch management solutions for many of the world's major fishing nations. As well as the UK and Irish Governments, Cybit helps to manage valuable fishing stocks for emerging nations such as Ghana, Namibia and Mozambique.

Cybit's newly-acquired PMR business provides asset-tracking and precise positioning solutions for both maritime and land-based applications including exploration and mining. Its precise positioning solutions are in constant use in the location and exploitation of oil, gas and mineral reserves around the globe.

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Contact information:
Duncan Burford
IBA - PR for Cybit
Tel: 01780 721 433

Chris Linney
Senior Marketing Executive, Cybit
Tel: 01480 389100

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