Release of new sentencing guidelines prompts companies with mobile workforces to review Health and Safety practices

  • New Regulations Released by Sentencing Guidelines Council (SGC)
  • Telematics Provides Compliance Monitoring Without Complexity

The release of new sentencing guidelines for the Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act 2007 and the Health and Safety Offences Act 2008, has presented companies with fleets a number of key compliance challenges that can be solved through telematics, says Cybit, the UK’s leading online fleet tracking supplier. The guidelines – announced recently by the Sentencing Guidelines Council (SGC) – make it equally important for companies to provide evidence of compliance management, as it is to have procedures in place.

Organisations can manage this responsibility by capturing and analysing data relevant to the health and safety of their mobile employees and matching it with real-time vehicle activity. This activity includes real-time driving style measurement, distances driven without breaks, speeding, vehicle maintenance and driver licensing.

“The protection offered by Telematics in managing compliance without complexity is another example of how vehicle tracking is used across business beyond vehicle tracking,” commented John Wisdom, Group Sales and Marketing Director, Cybit.

“Based on the challenges that the new regulations’ enforcement will bring, the increased visibility that telematics solutions can provide to companies will support them in the year to come by helping to continually monitor health and safety provision across the enterprise.”

The new guidelines will encourage prosecutors to look at the wider picture in each case, assessing a company’s collective activities as well as the actions and failings of senior management.

In addition to fines, compensation level and remedial orders, new recommendations include Publicity Orders, which will force companies to issue a statement about their conviction and fine and publicise it to shareholders and customers. This may include putting the statement on the company's website.

“Telematics and vehicle tracking systems can provide accurate and reliable solutions as companies look to continue to build on the provision of safe working environments for their mobile workforce,” John Wisdom continued.

About Cybit:
Cybit is a global force in Telematics, operating within three core sectors: Internet-based vehicle Telematics solutions; Economic Exclusive Zone (EEZ) Management; and Private Mobile Radio (PMR) based asset tracking and precise positioning solutions.

In the vehicle Telematics sector, Cybit is one of Europe’s leading Telematics Service Providers. More than 2,000 business-to-business clients use the company's fleet and asset management solutions to manage in excess of 50,000 assets primarily in the public sector, service industries and logistics and distribution markets. Solutions include in-vehicle technologies, workflow management, CanBus integration and internet-based monitoring and reporting software. The company also provides consulting services to advise on operational and legal issues such as duty of care and working hours.

Cybit is also a global leader in the field of EEZ fisheries management, tracking many thousands of fishing vessels on a daily basis. The company provides vessel monitoring and catch management solutions for many of the world’s major fishing nations. As well as EC governments including the UK, Ireland and Greece, Cybit helps to manage valuable fishing stocks for emerging nations such as Ghana, Namibia and Mozambique.

Cybit’s PMR business provides asset-tracking and precise positioning solutions for both maritime and land-based applications including mineral exploration and coastal security, Its precise positioning solutions are in constant use in the location and exploitation of oil, gas and mineral reserves around the globe.

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