Clash-Media now generates over one million online B2C sales leads per month

  • e-Consultancy research shows the most effective forms of lead generation are all online
  • New Online lead generation techniques now an effective replacement for traditional postal and telephone-based campaigns

London, UK – Clash-Media, the UK’s leading and largest Lead and Data Network, has announced that it now produces more than one million online B2C sales leads every month for its clients in a wide range of industries. Clash-Media uses lead generation to provide its clients with a quick sales conversion path, by immediately passing leads directly to clients, enabling follow-up contact to be made within minutes of interest being registered. This boosts the efficiency of their marketing initiatives and avoid the limitations now associated with traditional postal and telephone data-gathering campaigns.

Clash-Media uses its own Lead and Data Network – the largest in the UK – to provide large volumes of unincentivised data, which ensures high quality leads for its clients. Clash-Media can enable high conversion rates on the leads it provides because all information is opt-in data, and it uses its own unique and automated cleansing software to ensure only relevant information is passed on. Lead generation is the most effective medium to generate opt-ins, as opposed to telephone and postal options which are restricted by preference services that forbid companies from contacting consumers that have registered a blanket opt-out.

“Online Lead Generation is highly effective for companies that need large numbers of new, high quality leads on a weekly or monthly basis,” commented Simon Wajcenberg, CEO, Clash-Media. “We have developed our service using new and innovative technology so that we can provide our clients with cleansed, relevant information on customer leads that have gone through an unincentivised opt-in process. This makes marketing campaigns more effective, and they can become faster because we are able to pass leads directly to contact centres as soon as we get them – or whenever our client prefers to receive them. This enables our customers to grow their businesses organically in a shorter space of time.”

The e-Consultancy research – Online Lead Generation (B2C), 2007 – shows that only 44 per cent of marketers say that their organisation effectively exploits online lead generation as a way of growing their B2C business. In addition, 47 per cent of marketers know that their organisations are not exploiting lead generation. A major barrier is the understanding that many businesses have of the benefits.

“Online lead generation is still a relatively young industry, and many organisations do not have the visibility of the tremendous benefits that a campaign of this type can deliver,” added Simon Wajcenberg. “We have many clients who have high levels of success using our campaigns, and what we have to do now is show more people how their businesses can grow and prosper in the same ways. Clash-Media is a rapidly expanding company, and we are increasingly more capable of satisfying any marketing campaign requirements.”

About Clash-Media:
Clash-Media is a leading performance-based marketing company with technology that connects marketers to consumers through its lead generation and affiliate networks. Clash-Media generates leads via a network of proprietary sites and relationships with leading publishers. It uses a variety of online marketing strategies including search engine optimisation, email marketing and display advertising to obtain qualified leads for businesses.

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