A4U Expo discussion panel identifies Online Lead Generation as biggest growth area in online marketing

  • Speakers included Diana Herriott, Marketing Director, Clash-Media
  • Online leads are targeted, relevant and provide higher conversion rates compared to other marketing forms

London, UK - 05 November, 2007 - A recent discussion panel at affiliate marketing conference, A4U Expo, has highlighted lead generation as one of the biggest growth areas in online marketing, with Online Lead Generation set to double in size by 2009. Speaking on the panel was Diana Herriott, Marketing Director at Clash-Media, the UK's leading Online Lead Generation organisation, who welcomed industry's growth as proof that it had overcome early doubts about the reliability of online leads.

Online Lead Generation provides highly targeted, relevant leads, which produce higher conversion rates compared to most methods of direct marketing. It has overcome concerns about lead quality and relevance to become one of the most rapidly growing facets of direct marketing - set to be worth over £2 billion by the end of next year. Traditional online data collection has earned the medium a bad reputation, with incentivised leads providing companies with irrelevant data. Using Online Lead Generation, advertisers can specify exactly which data they would like to receive - for example women aged over 30 living within the M25 - and they will only receive leads which fulfil these criteria.

"Part of the problem with Online Lead Generation stems from the fact that some early players specialised in incentivised data collection, with people only participating to win a prize, not because they have a genuine interest in the product advertised," commented Diana Herriott, Marketing Director, Clash-Media. "However at Clash-Media we specialise in non-incentivised leads, so advertisers know that all the leads and data they receive originate from a genuine interest in the campaign. Our leads are fully opted-in, so are agreeing to be contacted, and the data can be transferred straight to a company's CRM system or call centre and can instantly be followed up. The lead is contacted while it's still hot, which results in far higher conversion rates.

"Speakers on the panel discussion identified quality as a huge barrier for companies choosing Online Lead Generation," continued Diana Herriott. "All the data which we collect online is qualified and subjected to a rigorous cleansing process before it is delivered to the client. So all the leads recevied have been vetted to ensure they are good quality and relevant. Our online campaigns are completely measurable and very flexible - they can be switched on and off instantly in line with their success or with marketing budgets - something which differentiates Online Lead Generation from other forms of direct marketing."

Clash-Media uses its own Lead and Data Network - the largest in the UK - to provide large volumes of unincentivised data, which ensures high quality leads for its clients. It adds to its one million-plus database of consumer leads at a rate of 200,000 per month, all of whom fully opt-in, and have provided detailed profiles on their interests. Clash-Media’s key accounts currently include Cheapflights, Whiskas, Toyota, AXA and Orange.

About Clash-Media:
Clash-Media is a leading performance-based marketing company with technology that connects marketers to consumers through its lead generation and affiliate networks. Clash-Media generates leads via a network of proprietary sites and relationships with leading publishers. It uses a variety of online marketing strategies including search engine optimisation, email marketing and display advertising to obtain qualified leads for businesses.

Additional information is available at www.clash-media.com
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