Clash-Media launches innovative new service that delivers results on digital marketing campaigns within hours

  • Service enables companies to set up online lead generation campaigns that turn around results "on a dime" so that marketing departments can always fill their monthly lead allocations

Clash-Media, the leading digital marketing company, has launched a new service that enables companies to set up new lead generation campaigns within an hour. This new offering will enable marketing departments to fill their monthly quotas for leads at the end of the month, even if their regular publishers have had a slow few weeks. These campaigns can have live traffic running through them within an hour because of Clash-Media's rapid set-up speed, which means that leads can be produced and conversions made very quickly.

"There is a significant need from many marketing departments throughout the country for the quick acquisition of leads," commented Christopher Petix, President of Clash-Media US. "It may be that you need to have a quick sales boost, or your regular channels have been a little slow for a month - there are still quotas that have to be met and we are now in a position to help businesses to do just that."

Clash-Media uses an extensive network of publishers to carry campaigns that encourage consumers to opt in to relevant offers. This means that Clash-Media can deliver hot leads that have a greater potential for sales conversion. Its unique cleansing and verification processes also help to ensure that every lead is genuine and not duplicated.

"We have a large and growing repeat customer base, because businesses know that we provide high quality leads, and can do so at the volume levels that they need. We are now taking this pedigree of service and converting it into a quick-turnaround service so that more companies are able to take advantage of our unique and innovative approach to digital marketing," continued Christopher Petix.

Clash-Media has global operations and is able to focus campaigns in the UK and Europe as well as across the US. This enables any organization to attract potential customers from a far greater pool of consumers.

About Clash-Media:
Clash-Media is a leading performance-based marketing company with technology that connects marketers to consumers through its lead generation and affiliate networks. Clash-Media generates leads via a network of proprietary sites and relationships with leading publishers. It uses a variety of online marketing strategies including search engine optimisation, email marketing and display advertising to obtain qualified leads for businesses.

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