Partnership with new online training company to help businesses cut their carbon emissions

  • Clash-Media will help QuEst deliver its unique online environmental training programme to UK businesses
  • QuEst formed by students as part of the Young Enterprise initiative

Clash-Media, the UK's leading Online Lead Generation company, has partnered with QuEst, a new environmental education company formed by students taking part in the Young Enterprise initiative. Under the agreement, Clash-Media will provide strategic business advice to the new company and help QuEst bring to market its unique online training programme that teaches employees how to reduce their carbon emissions. Clash-Media will also promote the online game through the company's extensive Lead & Data Network to ensure more businesses across the UK can reinforce their "triple bottom line" - People, Planet, Profit.

As part of the agreement, Clash-Media will also use QuEst's business product, Destination Zero, to inform its own staff about sustainable ethical business operations and the advantages of improving Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). QuEst was founded by a team of students as part of the Young Enterprise initiative, an organisation funded by the government to support young people to take an active role in business.

"Having the experience of a large marketing company like Clash-Media behind us has been fantastic," commented Joseph Masters, aged 15, Managing Director, QuEst. "We initially approached Simon Wajcenberg at Clash-Media to sell copies of Destination Zero to educate his team. He not only bought ten copies of the game, but also agreed to give us some business consultancy as the company grows."

"We were really excited to get involved with QuEst," commented Simon Wajcenberg, CEO, Clash-Media. "It is extremely encouraging that young people are getting so actively involved in business. As a rapidly growing company, I feel that Clash-Media has a lot to offer the guys at QuEst in terms of business advice and growth. The partnership also has mutual benefits - in exchange for our advice, QuEst will be advising us on environmental issues and how to reduce our carbon emissions. I am really impressed with the research and effort the QuEst team have put into this project and the business knowledge that they already have. I am looking forward to watching them grow and quickly enjoy success as a new business venture."

"The idea behind QuEst was an amalgamation of two themes," Joseph Masters continued. "The team were all interested in combining game-based learning with the environment, as we all felt strongly that businesses should be working to improve their presence in this area. Green issues have been a hot topic in the media for some time now and many businesses are looking at ways to reduce carbon emissions and improve CSR. At the end of the day, we are the generation that will ultimately suffer worst from the effects of climate change and other impacts on the environment, and anything we can do to improve these areas is obviously something we would like to focus on. We set up this business for the valuable experience it holds and it is our intention to maximise everything we can get out of it."

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