Eighty per cent of Clash-Media clients now use Online Lead Generation to build in-house email marketing lists

Recent E-consultancy research shows in-house email mailing lists one of most effective methods of digital marketing

Clash-Media, the leading Proactive Online Lead Generation specialist, has announced that 80 per cent of its customers use the leads it provides to build email marketing lists. Clash-Media provides leads for organisations in any market sector by demographic or consumer interests, to help organisations develop highly effective marketing campaigns. A recent E-consultancy survey showed that in-house email marketing is seen as one of the most effective methods of digital marketing, alongside Paid Search and Natural Search - while providing the more cost-effective and controllable option.

Clash-Media provides a full Proactive Online Lead Generation service to its customers. These organisations will often contact the prospect by telephone within a short timeframe of the information being captured to capitalise on the lead being hot. However, more and more organisations - 80 per cent - now use this same information to build a targeted and up-to-date database of contacts, which they can use for in-house email marketing campaigns.

"We have seen more and more of our clients taking up our email-based service options," commented Luke Pursey, Managing Director of Clash UK. "We have recently launched new offerings that incorporate increased email functionality into the campaign. However, in-house lists are often a preference for many marketing departments - but they face restrictions on populating those databases with current and relevant contacts both in terms of time and resources. We can help organisations achieve this, which helps them be more successful in growing their business at a time when there is a lot of talk about slow-downs."

"We have grown significantly in the last 12 months - in the UK, across Europe and in the US - because we have been able to adapt quickly to different customers' needs. The way that we design our campaigns has always enabled a very rapid start-up and quick collection of relevant leads. This flexibility and speed has made Clash’s Proactive Online Lead Generation service an essential tool for organisations in a range of industries. We are happy to help these organisations use the data in the most effective ways - which is increasingly as part of an in-house database for email marketing campaigns," Luke Pursey continued.

Clash-Media adds to its one million-plus database of consumer leads at a rate of 200,000 per month, all of whom fully opt-in, and have provided detailed profiles on their interests. Clash-Media's key accounts currently include Whiskas, Toyota, Cheapflights and AXA.

About Clash-Media:
Clash-Media is a leading performance-based marketing company with technology that connects marketers to consumers through its lead generation and affiliate networks. Clash-Media generates leads via a network of proprietary sites and relationships with leading publishers. It uses a variety of online marketing strategies including search engine optimisation, email marketing and display advertising to obtain qualified leads for businesses.

Additional information is available at www.clash-media.com

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