Clash-Media launches new lead generation Path Partnering service to link advertisers and websites through fully customizable digital marketing campaigns

  • New solution will enable any website owner to monetize their website's traffic and at the same time help Clash-Media’s clients to access a wider range of consumer real-time leads.

New York, US, 8 October 2008 - Clash-Media, the leading global digital marketing company, has launched a new partnering initiative to connect advertisers with website publishers based purely on the relevance of the site's traffic. Clash-Media will revolutionize Online Lead Generation with this Path Partnering approach by offering fully customizable campaigns to web publishers based on whether they can provide relevant leads for Clash-Media's clients.

'Path Partnering' enables any website to maximize profitability without affecting its look and feel in any way - as every offer or marketing intervention can be amended to precisely match the website's formatting and branding. The high relevance of the leads generated in this way helps to optimize sales conversion rates for businesses in any sector.

"Our whole business is built around delivering high quality leads to our clients - no matter how niche or specialized the demographics of the leads that they require," commented Christopher Petix, President of Clash-Media US. "We are bringing together the publishers of these websites with the businesses that want leads in these specialized areas. All of this happens within a very transparent and measurable framework, so that we can optimize our clients’ return on investment."

The new Path Partnering model will be easy for advertisers and publishers to access and use - they will be given visibility of every offer available so that they can chose which they feel will work best on their website. They then have access to quick, easy and accurate reporting to see exactly how well certain campaigns are working and how much revenue they are generating for themselves.

"Our network of website publishers is vital to our overall performance - as that is what gives us access to some of the specific demographics that clients request from us. We need to provide a service that will not detrimentally affect a partner's site, which is why we’ve done a lot of work to make sure that any offer a publisher picks up enhances their site. They need visitors to stay on their sites and we need them to click through our offers - so we've taken many steps to ensure that happens," Christopher Petix continued.

New I-Frame technology will decrease the amount of everyday management that is required of publishers. Clash-Media has automated many of the processes that have previously created barriers to take-up. It has designed customizable templates for offers so that publishers can take the ‘creative’ that Clash-Media has made for its clients and ensure that they integrate fully with their individual websites.

About Clash-Media:
Clash-Media is a global leader in performance-based data marketing that has pioneered new techniques in Online Lead Generation. The company's powerful lead generation network connects advertisers to consumers producing qualified leads in line with advertisers' exact specifications.

Clash-Media launched in 2006 and now delivers around three million fully opted-in sales leads globally every month, complete with detailed profiles on their interests, to key accounts including Whiskas, Toyota, Cheapflights and AXA.

Clash-Media currently has offices in London, New York, Copenhagen and Munich. It plans to expand into France, Spain and Italy, followed by Asia-Pacific.

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