Naomi Wolf's controversial documentary The End of America set to launch in the UK

  • Special Invitation Screening at 6pm for 6.30pm on Monday January 12th, The Rex Cinema and Bar Soho – followed by live Q&A with author, Naomi Wolf
  • IndiePix partners with UK-based Dogwoof to promote this and other independent films across the UK and Europe
  • The film will be released for general sale on DVD on January 19th, the day before Inauguration Day

London, UK – 6 January, 2009 – IndiePix, the Internet-based distributor of Independent Films, has announced the launch in the UK of documentary, The End of America. Based on the book by author, Naomi Wolf, the controversial documentary addresses issues of freedom, dictatorship, civil liberties and democracy – and warns that the United States' claims on constitutional civil liberties are fast eroding. The film achieved theatrical and DVD success across the States at the end of 2008 and its availability in the UK retail market on January 19th comes just one day before Barack Obama's Inauguration.

New York-based IndiePix recently partnered with London-based distributor Dogwoof to promote The End of America – and other independent films – in the UK and across Europe. IndiePix currently offers its customers the ability to burn-to-own, stream from Snag Films or download films from iTunes. Working with Dogwoof, IndiePix intends to develop a wide range of channel offerings to bring its titles to the UK audience in the coming year. 

"The End of America is the first title in our catalogue to benefit from a US-UK partnership," explained Ryan Harrington, Head of IndiePix Studios. "We're all extremely excited to offer this important commentary to a British audience at this time – especially in the run up to the Inauguration of Barack Obama, whose election resonated across the world. The launch event is a chance for a conversation about the future of democracy to happen on both sides of the Atlantic. I guarantee that everyone who attends the screening will leave the venue discussing Naomi Wolf's theories – some will agree and some won't, but it will definitely provide food for thought."

Andy Whittaker, CEO, Dogwoof, said: "We're very excited about the launch of The End of America in a few days time. It's a fantastic, contemporary documentary that examines the erosion of civil liberties in the past seven years alone – since the wake of 9/11 – which has resonance with all modern democracies. It is a great film to kick-start our relationship with IndiePix and I believe its US success will be repeated here in the UK."

Click here to read The New York Times' review of The End of America.

Bob Alexander, President at IndiePix, added: "The Independent Film industry grew at an incredible rate in 2008 and now for the first time it feels as though independent filmmakers are getting the recognition and support they deserve. We wanted to build on that success across all geographies, which is why we created our first partnership with a fantastic UK distributor that mirrors what we are aiming to achieve. Dogwoof is helping us reach out to people in the UK who have the digital connectivity in their own home but simply may not be aware that a whole world of independent films is available. The End of America will be the first of many of our films to benefit from Dogwoof's knowledge and relationships within the UK film industry."

The End of America will premiere on Monday January 12th at 6pm at The Rex Cinema and Bar, Soho and followed by a live Q&A with author Naomi Wolf. If you would like to attend the premiere please call Louise Sambells or Caroline Addy on 01780 721 433.

The film will be released for general sale on DVD on January 19th, the day before Inauguration Day.

For a copy of The End of America please contact Oli Harbottle at Dogwoof on 020 7833 3599

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