London première of Controversial Documentary 'The End of America'

  • Author Naomi Wolf touched on issues including decline of civil liberties across the western world
  • Film released for general sale on DVD today – to mark the Inauguration of Barack Obama

London, UK, 19 January, 2009 – IndiePix, the Internet-based distributor of Independent Films, has today released the controversial documentary 'The End of America' in the UK to mark Barack Obama's Inauguration. The film, which is based on the book by Naomi Wolf, was premiered in the UK before an invited audience. At the event the author warned that the issues within the film – freedom, dictatorship, civil liberties and democracy – had a strong relevance to the whole western world, including the UK.

The End of America, which achieved theatrical and DVD success across the States at the end of 2008, is the first film from IndiePix Studio's 2008 Production and Release Slate to receive both a US and UK premiere. IndiePix, which is soon to announce its 2009 slate, will continue to build on its partnership with Dogwoof, the UK film distributor specialising in Independent Films and world cinema, in order to develop a wide range of channel offerings to bring its titles to the UK audience in the coming year.

Bob Alexander, President of IndiePix, commented: "This is an important commentary for a British audience at this time – especially when you take into consideration today's historical Inauguration of Barack Obama. The film provides a chance for a conversation about the future of democracy to happen on both sides of the Atlantic."

Speaking about the documentary of her award-winning book, Naomi Wolf, Author of The End of America, said: "My experience of the limits of print was taken one step further. With the making of my book into a documentary, I experienced something incomparably fascinating for a nonfiction writer – sources I had quoted at length from the written record and felt close to, were still rather abstract. These abstract voices came to life with surreal vividness when interviewed in person, with all their humanity and quirkiness. I saw the power of both archival and contemporary news footage to move the emotions in a way that my poor computer could never do."

Bob Alexander, President at IndiePix, added: "The Independent Film industry grew at an incredible rate in 2008 and now for the first time it feels as though independent filmmakers are getting the recognition and support they deserve. We wanted to build on that success across all geographies, which is why we created our first partnership with a UK distributor that mirrors what we are aiming to achieve. Dogwoof is helping us reach out to people in the UK who have the digital connectivity in their own home but simply may not be aware that a whole world of independent films is available. The End of America will be the first of many of our films to benefit from Dogwoof's knowledge and relationships within the UK film industry and the comments that have followed the initial screening have been extremely positive."

The film is released for general sale on DVD today (January 19th), the day before Inauguration Day.

For a copy of The End of America please contact Louise Sambells on 01780 721 433.

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