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DS2 Announces Availability of Wideband Powerline Communications AMI for future proof Smart Grid applications

Valencia, SPAIN, 26th April 2010DS2, a leading technology innovator and global supplier of high-speed, robust, and scalable powerline silicon, today announced the availability, for the global utility market, of DS2's Wideband PLC Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) silicon and firmware package and its AMI Evaluation Kit. The solution combines DS2’s UPA wideband powerline communications hardware operating on the 2-12 MHz range with a software package field-tested and optimised for AMI. It includes the DR200 Head End Reference Design package for the service aggregation point, the DE95B embedded module Reference Design for Smart Meters and specialised Alma AMI Firmware. The package offers full and comprehensive AMI functionality with the ability to reach the most remote parts of the grid. DS2's AMI Evaluation Kit is a fully functioning version of the DS2 AMI package allowing DS2 customers to test the concept and accelerate the development of Smart Grid products for the utility market.

The DS2 Wideband PLC AMI package provides a true plug and play mesh network. When a new meter node is connected to the network, it is automatically recognised, the communication is automatically established and the network automatically reconfigures to optimise its mesh capabilities adding the node as a network member and extender. The result is that network self-healing is guaranteed. When a node fails, the network impacted components automatically reconfigure themselves, re-establishing communication paths. The firmware includes a complete IP-stack and a fully featured SNMP agent. The agent implements both standard (RFC 1213) and extended DS2 MIBs so that standard off-the-self management tools can be used to remotely control each network node. In addition, communication between the nodes is encrypted using advanced industry-accepted algorithms. The embedded RADIUS client ensures that only authorised meter nodes can join the network.

The DS2 AMI package supports current and future Smart Grid needs, including real-time network planning and management, outage avoidance, and demand management, while eliminating customer service time spent answering queries over estimated bills.

DR200 Head End Reference Design
The DR200 Reference Design is for a high performance AMI gateway/concentrator integrating the DSS9002 digital IC and DSS7700 analog IC. The DR200 Head End supports AMI networks with as many as 300 meters (nodes). The powerful DSS7700 Analog Front End is fully programmable in reception and transmission, allowing the signal to reach long distances over any medium, be it powerline, coax or other.

DE95B embedded meter module reference Design
This is the meter component of the DS2 AMI package. It easily integrates into existing or new residential and industrial meters, facilitating the addition of next generation functionality to a successful product line or the introduction of a differentiated new product line using the ready to manufacture reference design.

The design is powered by a single DC power supply (8-15V) or it can get power from the existing design in the meter for a completely embedded solution. The design includes MII and serial interfaces to ensure interface to virtually all standards-based meter designs. The Reference Design includes an embedded coupling unit to facilitate direct connection to electricity lines enabling immediate communication in the lab.

Alma AMI Firmware
The software comes with a complete Application Programming Interface (API) that enables a design team to add or remove existing logic blocks and create new applications that run on the DSS9002’s embedded processor. Integration and enabling communication with any type of meter is a straightforward process using the API.

For over a decade DS2 has helped utilities worldwide implement pioneering powerline communication solutions. “We have leveraged our experience and expertise of working with different topologies and networks to develop the DS2 AMI Reference Design package. The meter component easily integrates into existing or new commercial and industrial meters, helping manufacturers speed the development of their Smart Grid product portfolio. By increasing the bandwidth and providing a full mesh network foundation, utilities are able to add new services, eliminate technical restrictions they face with other AMI options, and resolve lost billing data issues,” said Jose Calero, DS2 CTO and VP of Product Management.

About DS2
DS2 is a leading technology innovator and a global provider of high-speed semiconductor solutions for Powerline Communications and other wire-line network communications products. DS2 invented high-speed Powerline Communications delivering the first 200 Mbps Powerline Communications IC to enable quality multimedia home networking, networked entertainment and broadband access applications to and throughout the home, office, or building, to and throughout urban and rural communities. For more information please visit:

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