Analyst and Journalist Global Press Outreach Service

If you want to place an article, comment piece or set up an interview with one of your key publications or journalists, PresseSansFrontieres can help.

We have access to journalists and analyst contact information and the skillset to get those contacts interested in your news or event.

Priced in the same transparent way we charge for all of our services, Targetwire PresseSansFrontieres is a global press outreach service that can arrange 1:1 interviews, article placement, teleconferences or even large-scale events, press tours and conferences.

We can quickly and directly contact specialist correspondents from key nationals, trade and technical journalists in your target vertical market publications and analysts in each of your top global markets.

We can even set up a press tour with journalists worldwide or a teleconference at short notice.

PresseSansFrontieres delivers a complete out reach package for your move into new territories.

No longer any need to pay expensive retainers to remote pr agencies that offer you questionable value.

Get started building your relationship with key journalists, contact our outreach team on

USA +1 775 232 7644

Europe +44 (0) 207 993 8211