Notes on submitting online releases

Clients are able to submit proposed releases to Targetwire online. The following notes are provided top assist clients in submitting details using these online forms:


If you wish to use a previously-selected distribution list, please indicate that here

This allows you to indicate that Targetwire should use the vertical markets and geographical distribution from an earlier release as a basis for this new release. Please supply enough detail here for us to identify the release you wishg us to use, or leave this field blank and complete the following ones, if you wish to specify new details.


Alternatively, please identify regions and/or countries for this new release.

This allows you to specify regions and countries.
If you tick a box in the first column, you will be presented with country and market choices for that region.
If you tick a box in the second column "Select individual countries", you will be able to narrow your selection to particular countries within that region.
If you tick a box in the third column "Different markets for each country", you will be be given the choice of a different vertical market for each country in that region. If you leave this third unticked, then you will be asked to specify a choice of vertical markets for every country selected from that region.


Please indicate the vertical markets to select

Please indicate the particular vertical market areas you wish to address with this release for this country or region.


When do you want the release sent

You have three choices:

  • Send release immediately - this will be expedited immediately we have completed any necessary contractual agreements with you
  • Choose the release date later - we will consult with you regarding the date of this release but will not send it immediately
  • Enter a date and time - all fields (year, month, day, time and timezone) are required here.


What is the title of the release?

This field is needed - you must provide a title before proceding to the next step


What is the release about?

This field is needed - you must provide a brief summary before proceding to the next step


How do I supply my copy?

You can either send us a text document (by using the "browse your computer and upload your release link), or enter your text in the box below.


Would you like to specify particular recipients for this release?

These recipients will be included in the release distribution in addition to others we will select for your release based on your choice of vertical markets and countries, or based on one of your previous releases, as chosen above.



If you have not yet agreed a price for this release, we will quote a price to you in our response to this release submission


Special Instructions

Please include here any additional information we will need in order to produce and distribute your release according to your requirements.