launches vertical search

  • Theme-oriented new search function enhances quality of results
London, 18 August 2005 – Seekport, the innovative European search engine company, has today announced the launch of its ‘vertical search’ facility. With this new tool, users are able to structure and tailor search results to their needs through the application of topic filters in eleven different categories.

In particular, Seekport’s vertical search increases the quality of results from fairly general queries which usually also deliver a vast amount of unwanted content. Through the application of topic filters in different categories such as “Health & Nutrition”, “Entertainment & Culture” or “Cars & Motoring”, users are able to structure and tailor results to their individual preferences. By entering, for example, “surfing” as the keyword, users can optimise their search results by selecting either “Computing” for internet search advice or “Leisure, Sports & Gambling” for information about the aquatic sport. Another example is the popular search word “virus”. By clicking on the preferred topic, i.e. “Health & Nutrition” or “Computing”, the results may either focus on illnesses and their treatment or computer problems.

“Our vertical search offers a real advantage to users, since the entire website or document is analysed and structured according to the predefined categories”, explains Seekport Managing Director, Joachim Kreibich, the innovative idea of the topic filters. “At Seekport, we are 100% focused on the quality of our search returns, and we are already finding that our focus on quality-based local search indexing through our specialist index teams is making a big difference when it comes to search return relevancy”, he continues.

Seekport’s objective is to achieve at least nine relevant results for every ten search returns, providing users with a far more positive, quality search experience. Other key factors behind Seekport’s quality-driven search engine approach include the proactive removal of unsuitable and offensive content, a zero-tolerance approach to spam, and a commitment to enhancing country-specific searches with local index teams. For example, only searches websites that are UK-relevant, thus avoiding the typical problems that users face when they search US engines for place names found in the UK and the US.

The categories for Seekport’s vertical search are:
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Entertainment & Culture
  • Cars & Motoring
  • Travel & Holidays
  • Business & Finance
  • Leisure, Sports & Gambling
  • Government & Politics
  • Home, Garden & Estate
  • Jobs & Education
  • Computing
  • Science & Nature
About Seekport Internet Technologies GmbH
Search engine technology provider, Seekport Internet Technologies GmbH, was set up in December 2003 with the aim of providing individualised search technologies for companies at the highest possible technical level, and establishing one of Europe’s leading Internet search engines. Seekport search technology delivers a high level of quality hits, thanks to innovative technologies and local index teams. Such high quality benefits the company’s business partners and users alike, in their Internet searches. Seekport is currently online in Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Spain and Austria, with country-specific Internet search. By the end of 2005, Seekport plans to be active in a further three European countries. Seekport has the backing of strong shareholders, providing an optimal combination of commercial and technological resources.

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