Coltman builds on successful partnership with Simons Construction

Coltman Precast Concrete Ltd, one of the UK’s largest independent suppliers of structural precast concrete products, has signed a partnership agreement with Simons Construction.

It covers Coltman’s entire product range which includes prestressed hollowcore wideslab, solid prestressed wideslab, staircases, landings, balconies, terracing and wall units.

Simons Construction, part of the Lincoln-based Simons Group, has an annual turnover in excess of £250 million.

Said its Procurement Manager, Steve Martin: “We have entered into a partnership agreement with Coltman because of the good work they have done for us over a very long period.

“We look for partners from suppliers like Coltman that share the same culture as we do; businesses we feel we can trust and work with. Before agreeing the partnership status we looked closely at their entire operations. In addition to their quality and design capabilities this covered their finances, health & safety record, human resources programme and IT facilities.”

He said the partnership agreement was a positive move for both companies. “We have full confidence in the prices that Coltman charge us and in their delivery and after-sales service. They get all the opportunities, including access to our people and first shout when contracts are handed out. There are no guarantees though, they have to offer solutions and value for money.”

Successful partnerships are all about people, he said. “It’s people that really make things happen and they only do so if motivated by equity, respect and future opportunities.”

Coltman’s products have been used in more than 25 Simons Construction projects over the past five years.

Its most recent involvement was the supply of three precast interior staircases for the new Dakota Hotel, Sherwood Business Park, Nottingham. Two go from the hotel’s ground floor to the firth floor and the third from ground floor to roof level in the hotel’s offices. A total of 50 cubic metres of reinforced precast concrete was required.

Said Coltman director Nigel Gilbert: “We are immensely proud that Simons Construction has chosen us for a partnership agreement.”

“They carry out performance assessments on all their suppliers from the tender stage through to project completion. Suppliers are marked out of 100% and we have never fallen below the 90% level. On the Dakota Hotel contract we achieved the remarkable score of 97.8%.”

Coltman has also received preferred supplier or partnership status from a number of other major UK construction companies.

“We are successful because of the dedication and hard work of our people,” said director Ian Gould. “Our team of experienced senior management and technical staff, together with all our employees, give each project the special care and attention to detail needed to ensure that our products meet the most exacting of requirements.

“We understand the needs of customers such as Simons Construction and the importance of delivering the right product of the correct quality, on time, every time.”

Coltman produces over 114,250 tonnes of precast concrete each year at its 10 acre site in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. This consists of 250,000 square metres of prestressed hollowcore flooring and 4,000 cubic metres of bespoke precast concrete products.

For more information about Coltman Precast Concrete products and a copy of the company brochure contact: Robin Horton, Sales & Marketing Manager, Coltman Precast Concrete Ltd, London Road, Canwell, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B75 5SX.Tel: 01543 480482. Fax: 01543 481587. Email: Web:

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Coltman Precast Concrete has established itself as one of the largest independent suppliers of structural precast concrete products to the construction industry and has recently provided precast interior staircases for the new Dakota Hotel, Sherwood Business Park, Nottingham.

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