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Pindar helps put the 'va va voom' in J&P Cycles

12 April 2006

Pindar’s AgilityCMS has been chosen by J&P Cycles, a large B2C catalog retailer to simplify its complex catalog production processes, which saves both time and money.

J&P Cycles, a leading supplier of motorcycle parts, made the decision to implement Pindar's AgilityCMS after being faced with a number of challenges with their old ways of working. Originally, the company had been using a number of separate systems for managing price and product information. The company needed a system to better manage this information and enter it just once, so that they are always working with the most current and up to date data. AgilityCMS offered the best solution.

Pindar’s AgilityCMS has an advanced technical architecture, which enables J&P Cycles to work more effectively as all product information can be stored and/or accessed through one database. The system makes it possible for the company to manage and publish their highly technical product data, which will allow their customers to search for motorcycle parts in multiple ways. AgilityCMS also allows the full management of product information and automates complex workflows between product managers and marketing teams, making it easier for the company to gather reports and make decisions. In addition to all these advantages, the software showed versatility in that accurate data can be easily used to output J&P Cycle’s catalogs and flyers quickly. The company now has the ability to transfer information from the catalog to the web faster than before and in a complete way.

Rhyde Thomas from J&P Cycles commented: “We looked at several systems, but were impressed with AgilityCMS’s flexibility. AgilityCMS offers various ways of importing and managing product information, giving us options. It is also integrated with Quark XPress, which is our page layout program of choice.
"Pindar's approach seems to have anticipated nearly all of the 'what if' questions we posed. During extensive demos of the product, it was clear that Pindar understood the unique challenges of catalog production. When other vendors paused to say, 'we could consider implementing that', Pindar had already addressed it.
“A second important consideration was the Pindar interface. Among all our choices, it stood out as one that seemed familiar and easy to understand. Terminology, menus and window names seemed to be designed with words and behaviors that closely mimic our current understanding of the product acquisition and presentation process.”

Richard Hunt, President of Pindar Graphics Chicago said: “We are delighted J&P Cycles selected Pindar after an extensive potential supplier search. We are pleased how they valued the software’s user interface and functionality for the creative team and merchandisers, as well as the depth of experience Pindar has with B2C retailers and catalogers.”

About J & P Cycles (www.jpcycles.com)
J&P Cycles was founded in 1979 and produces one of the largest mail-order catalogs in the motorcycle parts industry. It is a retail mail-order business of aftermarket parts and accessories for motorcycles whose customers span the globe. J&P Cycles continues its mission of searching out the new technologies, new products, and new information for the motorcycle community. The catalogs are free to U.S. and Canadian customers, with a small postage fee overseas. The complete J&P Cycles® catalog (along with thousands more parts) is on the internet at www.jpcycles.com. The site is one of the most complete internet resources for motorcycle enthusiasts.

About Pindar (www.pindar.com)
Pindar is the market leader for integrated multi-channel publishing systems for catalogers. Pindar’s software permits global businesses to collate, co-ordinate and manage publishable product information through a centralised repository that can also act as a gateway to other information sources within the business. This supports full management of the accurate data which can then be used to publish catalogs in multiple languages, for print and online requirements from a single source. Pindar is a publishing solutions specialist working within chosen markets, with particular emphasis placed on data gathering, data preparation and data management on behalf of its customers. Services include design, digital photography, page building, content management, e-commerce websites, cartography, mailing and fulfilment. Print capabilities span digital, sheet-fed and web. The Agility CMS software offers catalogers more opportunities for smarter marketing strategies, improved sales and increased revenue.

For more information on Pindar in the U.S. phone 1-800-PINDAR-0, or email us at us.marketing@pindar.com.  In the UK and Europe, phone 0800 169 2678 or +44 (0) 1723 581581 or email us at contactus@pindar.com

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