KnowGravity Inc. announces KnowEnterprise® at the European Business Rules Conference

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First enterprise-scale tool suite that integrates the OMG specifications BMM, SBVR, BMPN, BPDM, OSM, and UML®

EUROPEAN BUSINESS RULES CONFERENCE, LONDON, JUNE 8, 2006 – At the fifth annual European Business Rules Conference (EBRC 2006) KnowGravity Inc. announces the availability of the tool suite KnowEnterprise® for later this year. KnowEnterprise® is an enterprise-scale modelling environment that provides comprehensive support for Model Based Enterprise Engineering based on the Business Rules Approach. Built on a distributed multi-server/multi-client architecture, KnowEnterprise® comprises of two individual packages, called KnowEnterprise®/Business and KnowEnterprise®/IT, that both work on the same repository. This common repository stores enterprise knowledge ranging from the business vision down to technical implementation details of enterprise IT systems in a highly integrated way. Largely based on recent OMG specifications, KnowEnterprise®/Business provides the following views for business people:
-    Motivation View: Defines business goals, influencers, assessments and strategies based on OMG's "Business Motivation Model (BMM)"
-    Vocabulary View: Represents the semantic basis to express business rules based on OMG's "Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Rules (SBVR)"
-    Rule View: Supports the precise formulation of directives as business rules based on OMG's "Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Rules (SBVR)"
-    Process View: Supports modelling of business processes and organization structures based on OMG's "Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN)", "Business Process Definition Metamodel (BPDM)", and "Organisation Structure Metamodel (OSM)"

KnowEnterprise®/IT, also based on OMG specifications, provides the following views for IT architects and developers:
-    Requirements View: Defines IT requirements, projects and releases
-    xUML View: Represents implementation-independent executable specifications based on OMG's "executable UML (xUML)" and "Production Rule Representation (PRR)"
-    Architecture View: Defines target architectures as well as model transformations based on OMG's "Unified Modeling Language (UML®)" and "Model Driven Architecture (MDA®)"
-    Deployment View: Defines modelling of deployment processes for IT artefacts based on OMG's "Unified Modeling Language (UML®)" and "Model Driven Architecture (MDA®)"

Combining the two packages leads to a holistic approach that creates transparency, since it provides traceability from any information back to its original business motivation. Both packages are based on ARTiSAN Studio®, a proven UML® modelling environment providing services such as:
-    High precision UML modelling
-    Multi-user operation with access authorization and locking
-    Model and model-element versioning, sharing, splitting, differencing and merging
-    Fine-grained automatic change logging
-    Interactive usage and summary reports as well as dependency analysis
-    Automatic document generation for Microsoft Word and HTML documents
About KnowGravity Inc.

Headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, KnowGravity Inc. was founded in April 2001 by a well established team of software engineers as a spin-off from a large Swiss IT company. The company's main focus lies in provisioning of know-how in the areas of business, system and software engineering as well as software technologies. This know-how is provided via six different channels: training, consulting, application, brokering, shaping and automation of knowledge. All employees of the company are specialized generalists applying a holistic and interdisciplinary approach. This makes KnowGravity Inc. a competent partner for practical transfer and application of professional engineering. For more information, please visit the web site at

About the Conference

The European Business Rules Conference (EBRC), sponsored in 2006 by Fair Isaac, ILOG and RuleBurst, has been held annually since 2002 and is the only independent conference on business rules in Europe. After being held twice in Zurich and twice in Amsterdam, the conference will be held in London for the first time. Numbers have increased year-on-year by 20% and more than 200 participants are expected in 2006. EBRC addresses both business and IT oriented people and provides an independent and objective overview of technological and organizational innovations in the context of business rules. The conference is organized by Model Systems (UK), LibRT (Netherlands), and KnowGravity (Switzerland).


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