DS2, global leader in the supply of high speed Powerline communication (PLC) chips, to announce new alliances

The Spanish company with offices in the US and Japan, plans to increase its lead in the broadband PLC market focussing on those sectors with greatest future growth potential.  

Valencia, SPAIN 7th July, 2006 - Having successfully pioneered the development of 45 Mbps and 200 Mbps high speed Powerline Communications technologies, DS2 has consolidated its position as the global technology and market leader, with a range of high speed 200 Mbps PLC products available and commercialized by leading international equipment manufacturers. DS2's is currently bringing new partners up to speed to share in this market opportunity to accelerate growth potential, maintain the company at the vanguard of innovation and the market through technology excellence and leadership, and the delivery of timely, interoperable and coexisting products that meet client requirements in the BPL and digital home market. The current shareholders include the Founders, ENDESA, and Itochu Corporation as well as the employees of DS2 through the Employee Stock Option Plan.

PLC technology now supports a wide range of applications including the transmission of data, voice and video over the mains network and it is a key networking technology in the emerging “digital home” ecosystem. DS2 has been first to market with standard-based 200 Mbps powerline technology for both BPL and home networking applications and DS2 driven interoperable products serving both these markets are now available under the UPA label.  Market experts agree that the “digital home” segment is poised for explosive growth and some have qualified it as “a revolution that will change the way of life for millions of people world wide”.

Applications and services for the Digital Home that provide a “no cords, no clutter” whole home networking experience, include PLC to ADSL extensions that use the mains wiring to transmit video to a set-top box next to the TV or indeed throughout the home; the transmission of Internet to PCs in rooms without wireless coverage; and PLC connected video servers (TIVOs) to view films in any TV or PC connected to any socket in the home. In short, the Digital Home uses the mains network as a LAN to transmit multimedia to any electric wall socket. In this segment DS2 technology enjoys an unrivalled leadership position providing the only technology that delivers the quality of service necessary to deliver multimedia applications (audio, video, high definition video (HDTV), Internet, voice and data).

DS2 technology has received some of the most representative awards in the sector including the Frost & Sullivan Entrepreneurial Company of the Year (2006), Frost & Sullivan’s Technology Leadership Award (2005), Best of Innovations Award in the Software and Embedded Systems sections at the CES in Las Vegas (2005), and the Prince Felipe Award For Business Excellence (2003).

According to Tejinder Singh at Reliance Capital - “DS2's rise in the silicon sector has been nothing short of meteoric. The convergence in the media, entertainment and communications markets require new partnerships and new alliances. This strategic announcement from DS2 is proof positive of this company’s agility and vision to keep abreast of market requirements. I look forward to hearing more announcements that confirm this company as the silicon powerhouse for all PLC applications”.
About DS2
DS2 (www.ds2.es) is the world’s leading supplier of the 200 Mbps technology that enables home networking and broadband access over powerline, coaxial cable and telephone wire.  DS2 pioneered the industry with the introduction of its 200 Mbps chipset, creating the fastest and highest performance solution for simultaneous data, digital, audio and high definition video transmission. Leading industry groups, including the Universal Powerline Association (UPA) and the European Union consortium OPERA (Open PLC European Research Alliance) have adopted DS2 technology in support of multi-vendor standard certified product. DS2 currently has offices in Spain, USA and Japan and sells its products through original equipment manufacturers present in 5 continents. Recently, DS2 chips have been integrated in the products of market leaders in the electronics and communications sectors and the company recently signed a technology collaboration agreement with Endesa to jointly develop technology initiatives to promote Intelligent Electricity Networks.

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