4X Currency extends European business base through partnership with Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce

  • First European Chamber of Commerce to appoint 4X Currency - as company continues to expand European business base
  • 4X Currency to offer members highly favourable exchange rates at half the charges of some of world’s leading banks

Brighton, UK - Wednesday 6 June, 2007 - 4X Currency, the UK's leading online foreign currency exchange organisation, has been selected by the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) to be promoted to its members. For the first time, businesses based in the UK that are members of the NBCC will be able to take advantage of 4X Currency’s leading market foreign exchange rates and low bank charges - often less than half that of some of the world’s leading banks - through a special promotional code. The NBCC has over 250 specialist partners and has recently introduced 4X Currency to its membership base.  

The partnership will enable 4X Currency to drive further into the European business market - 4X Currency already has links with the Anglo-German Chamber of Commerce and the British Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce. The NBCC has over 250 members and has developed relationships with more than 5,000 businesses that conduct regular Anglo-Dutch trading.

"In today's competitive environment, companies need to be able to take advantage of the best possible financial deals," commented Jochem Geneniau, UK Manager of the NBCC. "We were greatly impressed by 4X Dealer. We found that its business model fits perfectly with the requirements of most of our members and clients - a cost-effective and transparent exchange system. We believe 4X Dealer is a highly recommendable trading service and the only one that we have come across where all transactions can be completed online."

Helen Scott, Managing Director of 4X Currency said: "People use the Web for most things such as paying bills, managing bank accounts and shopping but it's surprising just how many don't yet realise the benefits of online foreign exchange. We are delighted to be working with such a well-established organisation like the NBCC and see this as a great strategy for developing business relationships with European-trading organisations that can benefit from our competitive FX rates."

The NBCC offers advice on Anglo-Dutch trade and arranges networking opportunities for Dutch and British businesses both in the Netherlands and in the UK. Much of its activity is focussed on providing lists of trade contacts, market surveys and organising trade missions, to holding seminars and a variety of small and large-scale networking events.

About the Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC):
Established in London since April 1891.The Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce is a fully independent, bi-national members' organisation with members in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ireland and British dependencies. In 1970 the Anglo-Dutch Trade Council was incorporated into the Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce making it a truly bi-lateral chamber.

Its activities are wide-ranging, from providing trade contacts, market surveys and organising trade missions, to holding seminars and a variety of networking events.
For more information visit: www.nbcc.co.uk

About 4X Currency:
4X Currency is the UK's leading online provider of foreign currency exchange services. 4X Currency deals in large volumes at wholesale rates with major City institutions, meaning it can offer the best exchange rates available. Listed as the best specialist Foreign Exchange provider by an independent Ipsos MORI Poll survey, it is the first company in the world to offer live online foreign exchange rates to individuals, taking in up to half a million real-time exchange rates a day from the London market.

4X Currency is the only currency company in the world to be endorsed by ABN, and is also registered with HM Revenue and Customs as an overseas money provider. They are also a full member of, and sit on the Board of, the UK Money Transmitters Association.

For more information visit www.4xcurrency.com

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