Intorel announces new Visionic Updates with launch of Version 3.55 satellite monitoring and control system

  • Advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) and pop-up properties menu enhance ease of use
  • New Cabling Wizard enables easy creation of complete cabling diagram
Luxembourg – 17 September, 2007 – Intorel, one of the world’s leading providers of specialist software solutions, has launched Visionic Version 3.55, a major new version of its proven Monitoring and Control (M&C) solution. For the first time, the new version provides designers in any satellite broadcast company worldwide with a direct online connection to Intorel’s support site. This enables users to instantly access a range of information and assistance on the devices within their networks to allow them to directly or remotely monitor any number of satellites and broadcasting devices more effectively.

The new version features a number of new updates to improve its search functionality, enhance its usability and to make the system very easy to manage on a day-to-day basis. Visionic users will now benefit from a more flexible Graphical User Interface (GUI) to adjust single M&C systems and upload their own theme files; a pop-up properties menu, making the system easier to manage for administrators; and a new ‘Cabling Wizard’, which allows designers to easily create a complete cabling diagram based on the Visionic schematic and then instantly implement the new design.

“These new updates are designed to make the proven Visionic solution more user-friendly and accessible for more broadcast operations around the world,” commented Dragana Lazic-Mijanovic, Sales and Marketing Manager, Intorel. “We have issued over 250 licenses for our Visionic platform, and these have all been successful, but we are always looking to improve the solution and the experience for our customers, which is why we are delighted to announce Version 3.55.

“A large part of this process was simplifying some of the more complex aspects of setting up the solution. With the improvements to Version 3.55, it now takes less time and resource to set up the system and establish a highly effective satellite broadcast network anywhere and everywhere around the world,” Dragana Lazic-Mijanovic continued.

Visionic 3.55 dramatically simplifies and reduces the running costs of any broadcasting or remote satellite operation, regardless of the complexity of the setup. The Visionic system is an universal monitoring and control system for satellite, broadcast, NOC automation, and any other installation from uplink and TT&C systems, to SNG and VSAT stations. The platform utilises the Microsoft Visio drawing tool into a full featured application for the industrial and satellite systems, which gives the operator a complete graphical interface with each device, and the ability to ‘daisy-chain’ them together. Visionic provides simplicity and security, as well as the ability to fully customise the system setup. The Visionic solution has been deployed by leading global broadcasting corporations, including Liberty Global, Chellomedia, and Telecom Malaysia.

About Intorel:
Intorel is a world leading developer of technologically innovative solutions for the broadcast & satellite industry. The company’s Visionic solution is one of the most uniquely future-proof systems for making satellite monitoring and control, earth station control and other industrial and sat-com applications.

Intorel’s specialist development team also provides powerful ActiveWeb tools for the IT and Web development industries. The ActiveSite compiler series enables browser-based applications using shared content to be compiled for offline use or shared across internet or intranet. The company also develops LanMate a customisable browser which provides limited web access for specialist markets. To learn more, visit

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