New NetworkedPlanet solution maps content to knowledge in Microsoft SharePoint 2007

  • TMCore adds concept-based content searching to Microsoft's latest version of SharePoint
  • Enables users to connect SharePoint content to business concepts and deliver concept-oriented navigation for SharePoint websites

NetworkedPlanet, the leading vendor of information management tools and products, has launched its new TMCore SharePoint Module 2.0, which enables users to take all documents within SharePoint and connect them with key business concepts. This enables any business that has implemented a Microsoft SharePoint system to enhance search and navigation by taking into account contextual information, such as the user, projects they work on, and their personal skill-set. The TMCore system manages concepts instead of text indexes, which help to qualify the relevance of the documents that search terms are found in, and delivers highly relevant links to other SharePoint information.

The TMCore SharePoint Module 2.0 allows users to search documents laterally, on the basis of themes and concepts that link them. It automatically classifies documents by content types and tags them with key themes, and then users can enhance and refine the classification of individual documents as they work with them, making their classification of documents available to other users. This enables users to search for "documents most relevant to Project Y", for example, and find all the files related to that project, regardless of keyword content or location in the SharePoint portal. In addition users can now record relationships between project-relevant concepts, such as the products used, as well as customers and suppliers. This makes the concept of "Project Y" act as a hub for all knowledge and content related to that project.

TMCore SharePoint Module 2.0 integrates with the SharePoint web page creation tools, enabling content creators to easily classify documents and site users to search and navigate by concept. The TMCore SharePoint Module 2.0 also provides out-of-the-box tools that provide search and navigation features such as hierarchical navigation of concept trees, contextual related topic or document links that always provide the most up-to-date related links, and faceted search for content.

"There is a need for quick, accurate search and navigation, especially in organisations that create and manage vast quantities of information," commented Kal Ahmed, Founder of NetworkedPlanet. "Microsoft SharePoint has the potential to be a very useful tool for enterprise-wide collaboration. Our TMCore SharePoint Module 2.0 will help users at any level to quickly obtain documents and files they need to be able to do their job.

"It is well-known that full-text searching does not always deliver the most relevant results," Kal Ahmed continued. "That has a significant negative impact on the speed and quality of decision making. However, with semantic links between documents and concepts it is easy for a user to navigate to the relevant information with just a few clicks and no need to think of the right search keywords. These conceptual connections can also be used to filter out irrelevant information which is often just as much a problem as not finding enough relevant information."

TMCore SharePoint Module Version 2.0 is a part of the TMCore suite of topic maps-based search tools, which use semantically defined tagging structures to create a highly effective form of search and navigation. TMCore products make it easy for users to find the documents and knowledge most relevant to them quickly and easily.

About NetworkedPlanet
NetworkedPlanet was formed in 2004 to develop topic map processing tools and applications specifically for the Microsoft .NET framework. The company's first product, TMCore05, was released in January 2005. NetworkedPlanet provides a suite of tools and products to organise and structure the access to information to make it easier to locate and more relevant to end-users. It provides a range of tools scaling up from work-group information management to full-scale commercial websites and enterprise content management systems.

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