High apprentice programme drop out levels are due to lack of stimulating learning programmes

  • 76 per cent training is only given after performance appraisals
  • Firms with dynamic training programmes attract the best employees - and ensure they stay

Windermere, U.K. - October 9th, 2007 - Following a recent independent study that showed that only 40 per cent of graduates and school-leavers are completing modern apprenticeships - 35 per cent less than the government target, Impact, the leading international experiential learning organisation to create sustainable enterprises, has pointed out that the most important reason for the high drop out rate is that many companies are failing to offer stimulating and challenging learning programmes which appeal to young people.

The report was carried out by Key Note, a leading supplier of market information. It also looked at staff training and found that only 30 per cent is budgeted as part of the overall business planning process. Commenting on the report's findings, Andy Dickson, Head of Impact UK, said: "In 76 per cent of UK organisations, training appears to be a reflexive notion, determined during performance appraisals rather than as a considered business investment.

"The most effective staff training is achieved through a proactive and engaging development programme - and most notably through experiential learning," Andy Dickson continued. "Our experience is that organisations that have a reactive approach to people development are far less likely to build effective training programmes into their business models - and they are the least likely to prosper and build a sustainable enterprise.

"In addition, businesses need to find ways to make their organisations appealing - particularly to graduates, who are increasingly more selective about where they want to work," commented Andy Dickson, Head of Impact UK. "If a business is investing time and money into its employees, offering exciting and innovative training programmes that really make a difference to both the company and the community - be it locally or in another country - a graduate is more likely to choose that company over another - and is more likely to stay long term.

"At Impact, we believe that training should focus both on personal development as well as business growth - and it is this which leads to sustainable enterprise," continued Andy Dickson. "These are organisations with motivated, passionate people who are driven to help the company achieve its goals. Sustainable enterprises attract the best people and tend to retain them for longer - something which is extremely important in the current employment market."

Impact uses a unique combination of challenging experiences and carefully executed dialogue to build on personal talent and to develop people individually, as well as enhancing their management and leadership skills in business. The aim is to create a sustained behavioural change in the individual, which will have a positive long-term effect on business practices.
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