• Scuderi Split-Cycle Engine Design is More Powerful and Fuel Efficient Than Hybrid and Conventional Engines According to Independent Laboratory Study

LONDON, UK – 23 January 2008 – Reaching a significant milestone in its advancement of the world’s most fuel efficient internal combustion engine, the Scuderi Group today announced the completion of the first independent laboratory study that predicts the Scuderi Split-Cycle Engine – under full-load conditions – will have higher power, torque and efficiency ratings than the current state-of-the-art turbocharged engines on the road today.
Completed, published and patented by an internationally renowned independent test laboratory, the long-awaited Full Load (FL) Study predicts the characteristic of a single stage turbocharged Scuderi Split-Cycle Engine under full load conditions (the maximum attainable torque at any speed). The FL Study is the first of three reports to be published by the laboratory prior to the assembly of the first prototype, which is scheduled for completion in 2008. A Part Load Study and an Air-Hybrid Study will be published in early and mid-2008 respectively.
The FL Study shows that the core Scuderi Split-Cycle Engine not only achieves higher efficiency than the best gasoline engines on the market, but it also shows that the Scuderi gasoline engine also has a higher torque than most of the conventional diesel engines in use today. Additionally, the predicted NOx emissions are 50% to 80% less than that of a conventional engine, which will mean an even greater advantage in diesel applications.  
Since introducing preliminary designs of the Scuderi Air-Hybrid Engine to the automotive community two years ago, OEMs around the world have been eager to see these particular findings. The engine is expected to achieve significantly greater gas mileage than today’s conventional and hybrid vehicles while emitting 80 percent less harmful emissions. With fuel prices soaring and unprecedented emissions standards looming across the globe, consumers and automakers alike are eager to see a viable alternative to the engines in use today. 
“The results so far have exceeded our expectations. What we’ve known all along through our initial modeling is finally validated,” said Sal Scuderi, president of the Scuderi Group. “This report shows that the Scuderi Split-Cycle Engine is poised to take the automotive industry into a greener, more fuel-efficient era.”
Conceived by a team of fluid and thermodynamic experts, the Scuderi Split-Cycle and Air-Hybrid Engine technology is designed to deliver a significant increase in performance, efficiency and environmental impact over today’s internal combustion engines. It accomplished these advances by focusing on the heart of the engine, challenging conventional approaches to engine design in place for over 120 years. Scuderi Engine Technology is adaptable to all fuel types, including diesel and gasoline automobiles, commercial vehicles and any other applications powered by internal combustion engines.


About The Scuderi Group
Based in West Springfield, Mass., the Scuderi Group is a technology development company focused on proliferating intellectual property through licensing. Its revolutionary Scuderi Engine Technology is the most significant improvement in engine performance in decades and can be applied to any internal combustion engine including gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, and natural gas. The Scuderi Engine, along with its Air-Hybrid feature, is expected to significantly increase vehicle mileage and reduce up to 80 percent less harmful emissions. Besides improving efficiency and reducing emissions, the Scuderi Engine also improves power and performance at a cost that is thousands of dollars below the current hybrid systems. The Scuderi Technology is patented worldwide with 20 patents issued and 57 pending in over 50 countries. For more information call 001-413-439-0343 or visit on the Web at Or participate in the discussion at
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