Global launch of Impact's 'Creating Sustainable Enterprise' initiative

  • Events in Hong Kong, Warsaw, London, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai - aimed at public, private and not-for-profit organisations
  • Attendees will learn how to implement strategies for becoming a sustainable enterprise  how to make their business success correlate with talent development and retention, whilst enhancing their impact on the world
  • Dow Jones shows that sustainable businesses consistently outperform others in the Global Index

Windermere, U.K. - 19th March 2008 - The pioneering leadership development company, Impact, has announced the global launch of its 'Creating Sustainable Enterprise' initiative. At a series of six major events in Hong Kong, Warsaw, London, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai, Impact will demonstrate how organisations - across all industries - can move to a sustainable enterprise model and correlate their financial sustainability with the sustainability of the planet around them. This is particularly high on today’s business agenda, with employees and consumers alike taking a more active interest in society, the community and the environment.

The Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) - which takes the top ten per cent of companies from the Dow Jones Global Index (DJGI) with the greatest social and environmental commitments - consistently out-performs the DJGI in terms of profitable organisations. This demonstrates that sustainable businesses often enjoy great financial and corporate success. Impact will show businesses how to adapt themselves for sustainability using its Six Step change process - One: Identifying the case for change, Two: Developing leaders who can inspire those around them, Three: Creating momentum for change, Four: Engaging the hearts and minds of employees, Five: Harnessing innovation and Six: Making change a reality.  

"Now is the perfect time to launch our 'Creating Sustainable Enterprise’ initiative globally, as there is currently huge momentum in this area worldwide," commented David Williams, Impact's Founder & CEO. "We believe that it is no longer enough for businesses to simply have a good CSR policy. True sustainability calls for the comprehensive integration of business practices and principles, environmental and community activity, innovation and working culture. For companies that embrace this approach, the benefits are quickly becoming clear - organisations can do well by doing good.

"Sustainable enterprises not only perform well in terms of recognition and profitability, but also attract the best employees and retain them for longer," David Williams continued. "From a consumer perspective, a customer is just as likely to buy into a company's values as it is to buy into its products - the positive image generated from a sustainable enterprise can help retain existing customers, as well as attracting new ones. Businesses that are seen to be positively impacting on the local community and environment, through their production methods or how they spend their profits for example, are proving the first choice for consumers and employees alike. These are the businesses that epitomise the essence of a sustainable enterprise and it is these businesses that will be successful in the long term."

The launch events will take place in:

Hong KongWednesday 26th March 2008
WarsawWednesday 9th April 2008
London Wednesday 14th May 2008
New YorkTuesday 10th June 2008
TokyoTuesday 22nd July 2008
Tuesday 29th July 2008

Other events taking place throughout 2008 include:
Global Business Summit for the Environment 24th-26th April 2008
(Followed by Discovery Experiences in UK, USA, Hong Kong, Poland and Russia)

Future-Proof: The Impact Open Enrolment Programme on Leadership for Sustainable Enterprise - Module one begins Monday 20th October 2008

Impact Conference: Ideas into Action 17th-19th June 2008

About Impact
Established in 1980, Impact is a global leader in people development programmes that create and lead sustainable enterprises. With 17 offices in 14 countries, it is a globally expanding and award-wining company that has pioneered the use of experiential learning to enable organisations to integrate business practices with a genuine desire to do good in the world - both commercially and ethically. Impact's facilitators are industry experts in people and organisation development and come from 18 nationalities, speaking 30 different languages. They offer powerful and bespoke development programmes and learning experiences with specific goals for accelerating change, developing talent, building high-performing teams and creating inspirational leaders, in order to make businesses more profitable and sustainable. For more information, please visit:
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