Genuine DEUTZ Oils Smooth The Way For Top Engine Performance

To achieve maximum performance in its engines only genuine DEUTZ oils and lubricants should be used, the manufacturer has pointed out.

TLS-15 W 40 D, for example, is a super high-performance oil for supercharged diesel engines, and diesel engines operating under high loads, which is fully compliant with DEUTZ Quality Class DQC 11-05. The viscosity SAE Class 15W-40 oil ensures problem-free, all-season operation without restriction.

There are several reasons for recommending only the use of genuine DEUTZ oil in its engines, and according to the company's UK Service General Manager, Mike Nugent, their oil delivers:

*   A high level of protection against wear, even under permanent load conditions at full throttle;

*   Protection against corrosion, even when using diesel fuels with high sulphur content;
*   Guaranteed protection against deposits, sludge and sticking, both under extreme thermal loads and during intermittent operation;

*   Rapid oil supply to all engine parts, reducing wear caused during cold start and warm-up;

*   Low consumption through the use of low-volatility base oils, with oil service life prolonged and maximised by using the DEUTZ Oil Diagnosis System.

"DEUTZ engine oil is used exclusively on the test benches during the development of our engines, which is a guarantee of its suitability for everyday use," said Mike Nugent.

In order to achieve maximum performance, other types of oils should not be mixed with DEUTZ engine oil, he added.

"The admixture of commercially available additives will impair the performance of DEUTZ oil and is not something we recommend. Users should remember that the use of genuine DEUTZ oil can be a major factor in warranty claims."

As one of the world's leading independent diesel and gas engine manufacturers, DEUTZ produce around 286,000 units annually, with a turnover in excess of EUR 1.5 billion.

It has an overall engine range extending from 9kW to 500kW, with models suitable for wide variety of markets and applications, including the construction, quarrying, mining, materials handling, agricultural, groundcare, industrial and airport ground handling equipment sectors.

DEUTZ engines are widely used in excavators, wheeled loaders, access platforms, compactors, cranes, crushers, screeners, compressors, lift trucks, tractors, ride-on mowers, chippers, shredders, gensets and other off-highway mobile plant.

Full sales, service and product support is available through the DEUTZ UK centrally located Cannock facility, supported by a dedicated nationwide team of factory trained Service Engineers, equipped with a fleet of mobile workshops, together with a network of specialist appointed local distributors.

Further information about genuine DEUTZ oils & lubricants, and their compact engines range is available from: DEUTZ AG-UK Branch, Deutz House, Willow Park, Burdock Close, Cannock, Staffordshire, WS11 7FQ. Tel: 01543 438900. Fax: 01543 438932. Email: web:


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DEUTZ recommends that only genuine oils & lubricants are used in its engines for maximum performance.

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