Early Years Vouchers Ltd announces drive into SME market

  • Will deliver childcare vouchers to SMEs across wide range of sectors
  • Enables SMEs to achieve NI savings of up to £373 per employee
  • All HR administration can be handled by EYVL - making it an ideal scheme for SMEs

Manchester, UK - 8th July, 2008 - Early Years Vouchers Ltd (EYVL), one of the UK's leading childcare allowance organisations, has announced a major drive into the small-to-medium sized business market. This builds on its success in the SME market since its inception in 2004 with construction and roofing companies, video games developers and computer training companies. 

By signing up to EYVL's childcare voucher scheme, SMEs can offer their workforce - no matter how many employees they have - significant childcare cost savings of up to £1,195 for each working mum and dad. SMEs also achieve similar benefits to large multinational companies, including NI savings of up to £373.25 per employee, per annum - without the need for dedicated HR departments. EYVL can handle most administration tasks in-house.

Commenting on the Early Years Voucher Ltd service, Louise Spink, Finance Manager at Apex Roofing and Cladding, added: "Despite being a small team we wanted to support employees who are parents and future parents, and make them feel like they have our backing to come back to work after having a child. After an extensive review of the marketplace, we opted for EYVL's voucher scheme as it had the lowest overhead charge out of all the other childcare voucher providers I spoke to, and was by far the most knowledgeable and user-friendly service. However low overheads are pointless if the service is second rate - but this isn't the case with EYVL. It provides us with an excellent, personal service. The scheme is really easy to use and all I had to do to get the scheme up and running was register online and the rest was handled by EYVL. This makes such schemes self-financing and very cost-effective for a company like ours. Uptake of the scheme has been very positive so far and we expect a higher number of parents signing up to the scheme as time goes by."
"In less than 18 months, the number of working parents signed up to EYVL's voucher scheme at Blitz Games has trebled," added Caroline Cheshire, Senior HR Co-ordinator at the company. "Like any other business of our size, we wanted to make childcare a more affordable and less prohibitive cost for our working parents. Being a parent myself, I found out about the EYVL voucher scheme through my son's nursery, and was impressed by how easy the implementation of the scheme actually was when I rang in to sign up for it - a determining factor in Blitz Games' selection of EYVL over any other voucher scheme provider. Another decisive factor was the personal interaction with EYVL regarding any management of parental queries, as well as the marketing material and informative collateral the company has provided us with to pass on to our working parents and any singletons that may be looking at starting a family."

Amanda Ward, Director of Early Years Vouchers Ltd, concluded here: "Research conducted by HMRC  revealed that 47 per cent of employers felt that productivity among staff improved following the introduction of a childcare scheme, as they were able to focus on the job at hand and naturally be more productive instead of worrying about their child's well-being. So it’s not surprising that an increasing number of SMEs are also looking to assist their employees with the currently spiralling childcare costs. We have also found that other positive side-effects businesses can achieve include satisfied workers and, more importantly, a loyal workforce, which for many employers is more than enough to justify an investment in childcare services. Childcare benefits can also help to retain employees with young families over the long term and not just when they return from parental leave."

About Early Years Vouchers Ltd:
Early Years Vouchers Ltd is one of the UK's leading childcare voucher companies. Founded in 2004, the company operates one of the UK's most advanced fully functional online childcare voucher systems for parents, carers and employers of any size - from large nationwide organisations with many thousands of employees to small companies with just two or three. The scheme enables each parent to achieve significant cost savings for the 2008-2009 tax year of up to £903.96 per year for a 20% tax payer and £1,195.56 per year for a 40% tax payer. Additional information is available at www.childcare-vouchers.net or contact:

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