IndiePix Studios announces its first Independent Film Production and Release Slate

  • Newly formed 'Virtual Studios' to support five independent films including; '21 BELOW', 'ENTRE NOS' and 'P STAR'S REDEMPTION'
  • IndiePix to invest over $700,000 in the movies which include a mixture of documentary and drama genres
New York, US - 18 August, 2008 - Following the June launch of IndiePix Studios - the world's first virtual studio for independent filmmakers and the official production arm of IndiePix - it has today unveiled its first film production and release slate. The five independent films, which include a mixture of documentary and narrative, have been hand picked because of their varied genres and strong themes. So far, IndiePix has invested over $700,000 in the projects and serves as Executive Producers on all of them. This latest announcement comes at a time when many independent filmmakers are struggling to find funding and distribution channels.

Included in the slate is 'ENTRE NOS' ('Just between us') which begins principal photography on August 19th. Written and directed by Paola Mendoza and Gloria LaMorte, this film is an international co-production with the Film Fund of the Government of Colombia. The film looks at how Mariana and her two young children cope with life in Queens, New York, after being abruptly dumped from the back of a truck in the US. Also on the slate is 'P STAR'S REDEMPTION' - a non-fiction film about a single-father who is determined that his nine-year-old daughter will become a rap star and redeem his own deferred dream. Directed and produced by Gabriel Noble and Marjan Tehrani, this film has been a four-year work and will enter the festival arena in early 2009.

"All of the films we have chosen to support will bring something really special to the independent film industry and represent the great filmmaking talent that is out there right now," commented Ryan Harrington, Head of IndiePix Studios.

"IndiePix Studios plans on premiering all of these titles during the 2009 world festival circuit - with the intent on selling all of their rights to leading distributors. This will enable us to continue investing in future projects out there that deserve to be made. Our goal is to get as many eyes on these films - in as many markets and platforms - as possible. The fact that we have our own distribution entity, IndiePix Films, that we can use in conjunction with other distribution companies to help support the life of our films, is an important additional factor for these titles."

Ryan Harrington continued: "IndiePix Studios is a very important development for the independent film industry and this new release slate really offers encouragement to an industry that is currently experiencing challenging times. I am extremely excited to be involved in such a forward-thinking company and I strongly believe that our new production slate will offer a really important boost for all of the individual filmmakers, and the industry as a whole. We look forward to seeing each of the projects progress." provides an online 'virtual studio' which enables independent filmmakers to submit their films for distribution via In addition, filmmakers are able to monitor sales and accounting statements, review contracts, network with other filmmakers from around the world, and review news. The IndiePix Studios also provide a major new production and distribution outlet for independent filmmakers.

IndiePix Studios 2008/2009 Release Slate:
  • 21 BELOW, directed by Samantha Buck and produced by Sophia Raab-Downs and Jenny Maguire. Set in the city of Buffalo, NY, 21 BELOW documents a family's fight to stay together despite the pressures of their world that threaten to tear them apart
  • SLAP AND TICKLE, produced by Sophia Raab-Downs, Molly Conners and written/directed by Nicole Quinn. Set in small town America during the depression, sixteen year old Maggie thinks there are only two jobs available for women of colour; teacher and prostitute. Maggie's family has both, now it's Maggie's turn to decide
  • ENTROS NOS, directed by Paola Mendoza and Gloria Lamorte (See above for brief synopsis)
  • P STAR'S REDEMPTION, directed and produced by the team of Gabriel Noble and Marjan Tehrani (See above for brief synopsis)
  • THE END OF AMERICA, produced by Michael Mailer and Avram Ludwig and directed by the award-winning team of Annie Sundberg and Ricki Sterns. This film provides a wake up call that addresses freedom, dictatorship and democracy in the US. The film is based on the book of the same name by the New York Times best selling author Naomi Wolf, and includes excerpts from her lecture, archival footage, contemporary television news programmes, original first-person testimonies and stunning graphics

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