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British Red Cross First Aid Training has scheduled 90 additional first aid courses for those involved in childcare. The courses have been scheduled in a range of key locations throughout the country in response to requests from schools and child carers required to provide more first aiders under new policies introduced at the start of this academic year.

In September 2008 the Early Years Register (EYR) was introduced under updates to the Childcare Act. All childcare providers for children under five, and up to the 31st August after their fifth birthday, will be required to join the Early Years Register. This includes all schools that offer National Curriculum Foundation and Reception level classes.

The introduction of the EYR is part of a wider government initiative that pledges equality of care for all the UK’s children irrespective of geographical location or social and economic background. The register and the Statutory Framework that child carers will be required to follow means that the services provided for children will be inspected against common standards in core and early education.

The provision of first aid cover is also covered by this Statutory Framework. For groups of children under the age of five the rules now state that there must be at least one person who has a current paediatric first aid certificate on the premises at all times when children are present. For most schools and childcare providers this will mean training at least two staff on an approved course to maintain cover during any periods of sickness or absence. For outings or school trips, there must also be at least one person holding a valid paediatric first aid qualification.

Since the guidelines were announced the Red Cross has been inundated with enquiries about their First Aid for Child Carers courses. The course has been designed to specifically meet the training needs of those responsible for the care of children. The training meets all of the requirements stipulated by Ofsted and is valid for three years.

Over 90 extra courses have been added by the Red Cross to meet demand for the course, which provides instruction on how to deal with emergencies, resuscitation and how to deal with choking and anaphylactic shock.

Anyone who has ever cared for a child will know that accidents can, and frequently do happen. Naturally, this is not something that stops when a child reaches five. For schools wishing to provide a continuous level of care for their children once they progress from foundation level, the Red Cross offers a Basic First Aid for Teachers Course.

This training qualifies the attendee to act as the appointed person for the workplace, thus ensuring that the school is compliant with current health and safety regulations, but has been tailored to those who work in a school environment.

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British Red Cross First Aid Training website can be viewed at www.redcrossfirstaidtraining.co.uk

The British Red Cross First Aid Training iBrochure is available at: http://redcross.trainingcourses.ibrochures.co.uk/

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