Bloggersmosaic helps Obama win the race to the White House.

  • Special 'Obama' site generates high traffic numbers from blogosphere
  • First to offer unique advertising medium and social network for bloggers
  • Bloggers to plant trees, throughout the world, helping to save the planet

Dallas, US - November 7th, 2008 –, the recently launched blog promotion website, which uses images of bloggers' faces to link traffic to their own blogs made its own mark to put Barack Obama in the White House when it launched its own  'Special Barack Obama site' prior to polling day.

Within hours of its launch bloggers had filled the available slots with blogs supporting the new President elect. On election night, visitor numbers went through the roof as the site became known in the blogger community and was shown on broadcast media. is the first site of its kind to personalize blogging as the 'face' to the blogosphere. The aim is to deliver visitor traffic to on-site blogs through media campaigns and partnerships with blog trackers such as Technorati and Twitter. Bloggersmosaic offers bloggers an innovative advertising medium which will allow for interaction with other bloggers in a powerful social network.

In a unique twist, every blogger who places a 'face' advert on Bloggersmosaic, makes a direct contribution to the 'plant a tree' initiative to help save the planet. This arrangement allows a tree to be planted, anywhere in the world, courtesy of a partnership with and

Every day over 120,000 new blogs are being created from all corners of the globe and over 12 million adults in the US maintain a blog *. As a result, all bloggers face stiff competition in gaining visibility for their sites. Bloggersmosaic used the results of research and blogger feedback to create the site. It targets those bloggers who consider themselves 'not really rich, not quite famous, yet' and want to attract increased numbers of visitors, greater interaction and more potential purchasers to their blogs.

Any size square of advertising spot can be purchased as long as there is use of a face which can be connected to a valid blog. Advertising spots on Bloggersmosaic are bought as pixel dimensions, which is the most cost effective advertising on the web and costs $0.25/pixel for an individual blogger.

Currently there are 4808 advertising spots available on the site and unlike so many other payment options for bloggers there is just a one-time fee. The advertising and relevant blogs will last on Bloggersmosaic as long as the Internet lasts.

"Part of the attraction of Bloggersmosaic is that we link with sites such as Technorati and Twitter and other media incentive projects. These bring many  bloggers to our site, where they can browse to find a blog of interest," says Amous, founder of Bloggermosaic, "and already we have been featured on"

"We have a long term commitment to serve the blogger community and in having them share in our environmental activities. We hope that a long lasting relationship develops so that in the future they will be able to enjoy the produce from the trees that have been planted. There will also other creative ideas and for the future to serve the blogosphere, of which the Barack Obama site was just one. Our main objective, however, is to offer bloggers real value and return on investment, where blogs can be seen and bloggers can exchange ideas and thoughts."

* source

About Bloggersmosaic  is a world leading blog promoter and social network website for bloggers which uses a unique formula of linking 'human face' images on the website to a bloggers own blog. It uses links to the most effective blog trackers and develops campaigns and media relationships to help drive traffic to subscriber's blogs.

The Bloggersmosaic organization has a management philosophy based on sustainability and sincerity which has grown from strong partnerships with bloggers. It continuously improves relations with old and new business partners whilst creating new ideas to keep pace with the blogosphere.

Bloggersmosaic is committed to high standards of promoting and advertising for it's bloggers and to the protection of the environment.

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