UDcast introduces Bandwidth Optimisation Capability to Industry Leading UDgateway – Bandwidth Savings now combined with Security and Performance Acceleration

  • Bandwidth Savings now combined with Security and Performance Acceleration

SOPHIA-ANTIPOLIS, France - November 24, 2008 - UDcast, the recognised leader in security and performance acceleration solutions for satellite communications, today announces the availability of WANcompress® for the UDgateway®. UDgateway®, long recognised as the leading solution for security and performance acceleration within the satellite community, now also offers bandwidth optimisation to reduce the high operating expenditure (OPEX) associated with satellite communications.

WANcompress® is a powerful software based caching and data compression capability that works at the data stream level making it insensitive to applications. By maintaining large, synchronised caches at both ends of the link, WANcompress® can recognise redundancy in the data being transmitted over the link even days or weeks after it has been sent for the first time. Whenever possible, WANcompress® will use its local cache instead of transmitting data over the link.

The UDgateway® with WANcompress® is a dedicated networking appliance whose capabilities can be leveraged by both end users as well as network operators. The UDgateway® with WANcompress® can reduce the amount of data transferred over a satellite link by as much as 50 per cent. The resulting OPEX savings offer a rapid return on investment.

Initially targeted at satellite networks, WANcompress® can also be used in any high cost, high delay or bandwidth constrained environment such as GPRS, UMTS or WiMAX and provide the same value.

WANcompress® is now a standard feature of version 4.1 for the UDgateway®. It operates with all of the other network features, such as performance acceleration and IPsec VPN networking that are standard in the UDgateway®. An upgrade program allows existing users of the UDgateway® to be upgraded to version 4.1 and WANcompress®.

For more information about the UDgateway® WANcompress® technology and where to buy it, please visit www.WANcompress.com or send an information request per mail to wancompress@udcast.com

Press and Analyst briefings about UDgateway® and WANcompress® are available upon request by sending a mail to press@udcast.com.



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