Corporate Semantec Web to show the web beyond Web 2.0 at Xinnovations 2009

Workshop to be held at Xinnovations 2009, September 15th, Berlin

Berlin, Sept 2nd: The Corporate Semantic Web project, which is at the cutting edge of progress in The Semantic Web will be presenting their latest developments and research based on ‘’What is following Web 2.0” at Xinnovations 2009 at Berlin.

The vision of Semantic Web is that machine usable data on the web is revolutionizing the usage of the worldwide web. It embraces the generation and retrieval of freely available, semi-structured and related data (Linked Data). Intelligent agents are able to use this data for decisions and distributed systems integrate them from miscellaneous sources in a cost-effective way.

The members of the Corporate Semantic Web Project at the Freie Universitaet Berlin will demonstrate within a workshop at the Xinnovations 2009 on September 15, 2009 that the fundamental research in the area of Semantic Web has now developed significantly. Demonstrations of software prototypes that are designed and engineered for the affiliated companies’ requirements of real use cases will be presented. Amongst others, it will be illustrated on the example of the Museum Portal Berlin that semantic data integration offers a user-friendly search on this portal or how semantics can ease the work with wiki systems.

To coincide with the recently released first German DBpedia Datasets, the prominent German Linked Data project, will also be presenting at Xinnovations 2009. DBpedia Germany ( is a joint project of the AKSW research group under the direction of Dr. Soeren Auer at University Leipzig and the Corporate Semantic Web research group under the direction of Prof. Dr. Adrian Paschke at Freie Universitaet Berlin. DBpedia Germany is representing the contents of the German Wikipedia in semantic ways, so that complex requests can be answered. They will also show that in cooperation with lightweight Web 2.0 applications it is easy to generate results in items such as interactive maps and timelines.

The Corporate Semantic Web workshop will conclude in the evening with the 3rd Berlin Semantic Web Meetup, an informal convention held by the driving forces of semantic technologies in the Berlin-Brandenburg area. The Meetup is an innovation and cooperation platform for everything that is coming after Web 2.0. This Meetup will be enlivened by a live connection to semantic web Meetup groups in New York and Vienna.

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