IndiePix Announces New Acquisitions at Sundance Film Festival

  • Will distribute "Women Without Men" and "All My Friends Are Funeral Singers" – both presenting at Sundance 2010
  • Films form the centerpiece of 2010 distribution agenda for IndiePix
  • Tailored release campaigns to include targeted screening events – as well as digital and physical distribution
Park City, UT – 22 January 2010 – IndiePix, the Internet-based distributor of independent films, today announced that it has acquired all media distribution rights in the US for "Women Without Men", the Silver Lion Award winning film from the 2009 Venice Film Festival. The company has also acquired global distribution rights for "All My Friends Are Funeral Singers", from writer/director Tim Rutili and lead songwriter of critically-acclaimed indie-rockers Califone. The company also announced that it will be the DVD distributor in the US for Ondi Timoner's Grand Jury Prize winning film, "We Live In Public" due on March 1st .

As Jason Tyrrell, head of acquisitions for IndiePix, explained: "These films are the centerpiece of our burgeoning 2010 line up. As our company continues to grow, the tools we offer our filmmakers, both for participating in the distribution of their work and expanding the international potential of that distribution, have been well received. The IndiePix model emphasizes collaboration with the filmmaker and sets us all on a path toward audience-building and financial viability for the independent artist."

Krysanne Katsoolis of Cactus Three films, and a collaborator with IndiePix in these projects commented that she and Mr. Tyrrell expect to announce three or four additions to this slate in the next four weeks. "We have developed new distribution and licensing tools to support the release of these titles," she said, "and we anticipate their substantial success with their audiences."

Bob Alexander praised the work of Mr. Tyrrell and Ms. Katsoolis in building this line of titles: "They are outstanding films and will be well served by our flexible and evolving distribution program." 

The elements of this distribution program as outlined by Mr. Alexander include: traditional and non-traditional screening locations; performances and personal appearances in support of screenings; bookings in 10 or more cities; advanced Internet marketing techniques in support of these presentations; and close tie-ins with digital and physical delivery of the films. "We believe that – by breaking down the elements of distribution and re-combining them to suit each of these great projects – we can bring our filmmakers unique exposure and commercial value," he added.

Mr. Tyrrell negotiated the acquisition rights for All My Friends Are Funeral Singers and We Live in Public for Indiepix. Bob Alexander, President of IndiePix, negotiated the acquisition of Women Without Men for IndiePix. The filmmakers were represented by Glen Sherman, executive producer for All My Friends Are Funeral Singers; Ondi Timoner, the director of We Live In Public; and Fionnuala Jamison on behalf of the Co-Production Office, Paris, France, for Women Without Men. Krysanne Katsoolis of Cactus Three advised IndiePix in these transactions.

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About IndiePix
IndiePix is a New York-based distributor that delivers a highly-curated collection of the best Independent Films from around the world. Offering a hand-picked catalog of over 3,500 independent film gems – art-house, foreign, and documentary – the IndiePix team selects the best titles from the international festival circuit. Avenues for distribution include event-driven public exhibition, domestic and international broadcast licensing, and major internet and cable digital channels. IndiePix' proprietary distribution includes its patented Burn-to-Own technology, its partnership with Streamami, for its industry leading On-Demand streaming hi-resolution full screen presentations, and its proprietary retail sales and marketing capability.

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About Cactus Three
C3 produces high-end documentary films and non-fiction programming. Caroline Stevens and Krysanne Katsoolis, the principals of C3, offer a unique blend of production and co-production expertise, creatively developing projects as well as securing both funding and distribution. Since its inception in 2003, C3 has received much critical acclaim for such notable films as The Sketches of Frank Gehry, Cat Dancers, Once in a Lifetime, Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo and the hit HBO series Family Bonds. Recent collaborations include three of the shortlisted Academy nominated documentaries The Cove, Which Way Home and Valentino: The Last Emperor. Stevens and Katsoolis recently set up a co-venture with IndiePix Films to develop a premier slate of unique feature films and documentaries for event-driven theatrical release.

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About Women Without Men
"Women Without Men, the first feature film from Iranian-born artist, photographer and filmmaker Shirin Neshat, tells the story of the CIA-engineered coup through the eyes of four women. It has already picked up a Silver Lion for the director at the Venice Film Festival, where she walked the red carpet flanked by her cast and crew symbolically bedecked in green and defiantly flashing the two-fingered opposition salute. The 52-year-old is an outspoken supporter of the Green movement that arose out of Iran’s disputed election but she is clear about her priorities: "Number one, I want to be an artist and I want to make a good film and I want to make art that can survive over time, not because it relates to issues that we are concerned with today." From the Financial Times, 15 January, 2010.

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About All My Friends Are Funeral Singers
"The beautiful Zel is a special woman. Her big house is full of ghosts of all ages from different eras. A psychic advisor, Zel works with her ethereal roommates to help her clients. Although it’s magical, it is also a job as she removes clients' aches and pains, advises gamblers, and channels cranky spirits to check on their loved ones. Business is good – until the ghosts see "the light" one night. The ghost crew now feel they are trapped and start pressuring Zel for the truth." From the Sundance 2010 program guide.

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About We Live In Public
Ten years in the making and culled from 5000 hours of footage, We Live in Public reveals the effect the web is having on our society, as seen through the eyes of "the greatest Internet pioneer you’ve never heard of", artist, futurist and visionary -- Josh Harris. Award-winning director Ondi Timoner (DIG! – which also won the Sundance Grand Jury Prize in 2004 – making Timoner the only director to win that prestigious award twice) documented his tumultuous life for more than a decade to create a riveting, cautionary tale of what to expect as the virtual world inevitably takes control of our lives.

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