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Moscow, August 4th 2011 /Targetwire/ - NetUP is the first company to develop an Android-based IPTV solution, for Android, which is the client for NetUP IPTV Middleware. The new handy graphical user interface has been developed to allow users to enjoy all IPTV features: TV channels with pause and rewind options, TV on Demand, Electronic Program Guide (EPG), Video on Demand and many others. Users can also get access to all Android features. The application can be launched on any Android-based IP set-top box.

The advantages of Android-based set-top boxes with application installed

  • Very fast GUI with animations and effects.
  • Access to all Android features: Web browsing, social networking, gaming, and thousands of applications such as YouTube, Skype, Google Maps and others.
  • Android is a multitasking operating system. It is able to run several applications at once and switch between them.
  • High hardware performance of IP set-top boxes.
  • Cost-effective IP set-top box with high performance: 1Ghz CPU, 512RAM, 2GB Flash.
  • Android is  a rapidly developing operation system. With new updates for Android appearing often. These updates improve the system and add new features.

A video demonstrating the application working on Android-based IP set-top box can be seen here.

NetUP Middleware server
The NetUP IPTV Middleware server has no major changes. Clients using NetUP Middleware with previous generation of IP set-top boxes have no need to purchase new Middleware server or new software. NetUP Middleware is compatible with Android based set-top boxes since 1.7 version.

Both types of IP set-top boxes can work with NetUP Middleware server simultaneously: classical and Android-based ones. Which is convenient for transferring subscribers to new IP set-top boxes.

The Android OS description
The number of devices using Android OS is increasing every day. Generally such devices are smartphones or tablets, but there are other devices such as IP set-top boxes. The subscriber can access the Internet, watch YouTube videos, play games and interact with thousands of applications on TV screens using the Android based IP set-top box.

Android is a constantly developing operation system. Every new version of OS is realized with a number of new features and options.

The Android OS develops rapidly and captures the embedded devices market. The research agency IDC forecasted that in 2015 from 40% to 50% of embedded devices will be running Android.

Android set-top boxes
The performance of Android-based IP set-top boxes is much better compared to classical set-top boxes. The Android-based IP set-top boxes are built on ARM architecture with graphics hardware acceleration. Some of the IP set-top boxes are equipped with modern Cortex-A8 processors.

One of the Android-based IP set-top box’s advantages is multitasking. The user can launch several applications and switch between them at any time. The applications continue to run in the background. The multitasking is a great leap in development of IP set-top boxes.

The Android-based IP set-top boxes are much more cost-effective than most of the classical ones. It is an important factor because the number of IP set-top boxes in some networks reaches hundreds of thousands.

Additional devices for Android-based set-top boxes
It is possible to control the IP set-top box’s user interface and functions using the standard remote control or other additional devices like wireless manipulator that combines mouse and keyboard. It is also possible to connect to an IP set-top box via USB a Wi-Fi adapter for wireless Internet connection or GPS-receiver for spotting the IP set-top boxes installed in yachts or other vehicles. There is no need to install drivers, users can configure the devices using Android’s standard tools.

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