Generating High Quality Leads for Specific Industries

The quest to improve lead quality is an ongoing campaign for digital marketers because they want to ensure they are targeting the most relevant consumers. Jonathan Erwin, Managing Director of internet marketing company Aspect Web Media, has pioneered methods of generating validated data to produce high quality leads in multiple markets using incentivised data capture websites. Here he looks at the advantages of such a service.

As a company specialising in digital lead generation we are constantly thinking about how we can produce data of exceptional quality for different markets. Aspect Web Media has developed many models for doing just that, but our most recent success was with online surveys for specific products or services on incentivised data capture websites. After we attracted interested consumers, we validated all personal details submitted on the survey before accepting it. This prevented erroneous information from being accepted and passed on to our clients.

The idea was born out of our work on, one of our flagship lead generation sites. We had been generating leads for consumers interested in installing solar panels on their properties or business premises, and it became clear that customers who could be reached on the phone within 15 minutes after requesting a quote from the website were converting at much high percentages than those customers who were contacted after 15 minutes. Validating data live from the website before accepting it was crucial to meeting the contact timeframe.

Rolling this same process out to our online survey allowed us to generate spectacular results, as it was handling a much higher volume of consumers. Simply by qualifying the consumers' interest in this form of renewable energy, we generated an additional 500 leads per month which went on to convert around 12% for our clients.

Prior to solar panels, we had achieved success with this model in the financial services sector. In this case a website was created to attract consumers to apply for credit cards. However, before sending the consumer to a credit card application form we invited them to complete a pre-application credit check which would establish a) if they would actually be accepted for their desired card and b) what alternative cards they could also be accepted for. We found that by increasing data accuracy from the website, as many as 1 in 4 consumers would be shown available cards where before, they would not have qualified for any.

Our experiences with solar panels and credit cards have led us to believe that this data validation model can work in any industry. For example, data capture websites can be designed to attract people interested in buying an iPad or an internet-connected television, or they can be used to gather data from consumers keen on taking a fly-drive holiday to the USA, or opening a savings account.

Our work in this field has taught us that there are three steps which need to be followed to achieve a significant quantity of high quality leads from a data capture website:

1: Establish authority – When the consumer hits your data capture website, it must look professional and authoritative by providing key industry figures relating to the benefits, and outline real-life cases of where the product has helped consumers.

2: Forms must be short and concise – Unless you incentivise consumers to provide you with data, do not force them to spend time filling out a laundry list of fields and questions. Limit the form to a maximum of 12 fields and questions and if you need to know more, look at data appending after the data has been captured.

3: Validate data from the form – We have found a 422% increase in the conversion rate of leads that were validated live from the data capture form as opposed to those which were validated post-submission. This was as true for sites generating industry specific leads as for online surveys generating leads on a co-registration basis.

If you are interested in exploring this issue in greater depth, or in using this comment, please contact Claire Grant by email on or telephone on 01780 721433. I would be delighted to set up an interview or provide you with any required further information.

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