StrikeAd embraces Apple's rejection of the UDID

A comment from mobile advertising specialist StrikeAd's CTO Mike Dewhirst

"As you may have seen in the press or heard from Apple direct, any apps which try and access the UDID will now be rejected from the Apple app store. This will hit some mobile ad networks hard, as they use UDIDs to make their advertising better targeted, tracking consumers to learn how they respond to different ads and which apps they use most often.

Here at StrikeAd, a long time ago, we developed a solution that did not utilize UDIDs at all - and we only used them where advertisers or agencies we worked with required it.

The StrikeAd SDK and SDK-less tracking solutions all work off web cookies and the HTML5 datastore as needed, never reading or storing the UDID.

This approach has always provided better results for our CPA campaigns, delivering more precise attribution data and allowing us to buy across mobile web and in-app, whilst many other media buyers who relied on the UDID could only run on in-app traffic for CPD campaigns.

We have also been evangelizing the UDID-less solution to the industry and released a white paper earlier this year, explaining exactly how to do this.

So for StrikeAd, the hard removal of the UDID is a welcome move by Apple and we embrace it fully."

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