StrikeAd tracks and optimises to Call Duration, uplifting ROI of Click to Call campaigns

Advanced technology enables the StrikeAd DSP to reveal a pattern of optimal impressions in mobile click-to-call ad campaigns

London, UK – 28 May 2012StrikeAd, the London and New York based mobile advertising specialist, today announced advanced technology, which enables advertisers to optimise the RTB media buy to call duration within a click-to-call mobile ad campaign. The StrikeAd Demand Side Platform (DSP) uses sophisticated telephony proxy diversion and analytics to track call duration and determine the pattern of an impression profile, that is most likely to result in a phone call over a certain duration. It can then bid in real time on similar profile impressions to dramatically reduce wasted ad spend and greatly improve ROI.

StrikeAd uses advanced telephony services software to ensure that when a user clicks a banner, they are given a unique phone number to call. The unique number is then mapped with each click ID. When the call is completed, the telephony software tells the StrikeAd server the phone number and call duration. The StrikeAd platform then uses the ID and phone number to attribute the conversion if the call duration was over a set threshold, for example, 2 minutes. This data later enables StrikeAd to see exactly which impression profile the call was driven by and identify and buy further inventory with a high potential for another phone call over 2 minutes.

"Once we know the duration of a call which resulted in a conversion, we can identify the exact details of the impression that drove it, including what device make and model it was, where the banner was seen and what time of day it was and so on," said Michael Dewhirst, CTO of StrikeAd. "So rather than simply assuming that a click-to-call banner click resulted in a phone call, we verify and confirm whether there was a call at all and how long it lasted for."

"This enables us to then find similar inventory for our clients' ad campaigns which form a similar profile – same device, same time of day, same site, etc – which results in higher conversion levels for our clients by an order of magnitude and reduces huge wasteful spend in terms of advertising budget. This approach is a game changer when it comes to click to call campaigns."

StrikeAd offers the world’s first mobile-specific advertising Demand Side Platform (DSP). It allows media agencies to manage and optimise multiple global mobile advertising campaigns from multiple advertisers from a single platform. Advertisers can buy best performing inventory to provide effectively filtered and optimised sales leads.

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About StrikeAd
StrikeAd is a leading mobile advertising specialist and developer of the world’s first dedicated mobile advertising Demand Side Platform (DSP), allowing media agencies to plan, optimise and deliver effective global mobile advertising campaigns.

StrikeAd Fusion is a proprietary mobile-specific platform, providing a single console through which agencies can plan, execute and evaluate hundreds of mobile campaigns on a global basis in real-time. The platform integrates automated optimisation, tracking and analytics that gives clients unparalleled insight and control over their mobile advertising campaigns. StrikeAd also operates a managed version of the DSP, StrikeAd Engage.

The company was founded in 2010, and manages its global DSP from offices in London and New York. For more information, please visit

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