StrikeAd Launches "Guaranteed Clicks" Offer

Reduces click to land drop-off so advertisers only pay for clicks that get to the landing page

London, UK – 11 June 2012StrikeAd, the New York and London based mobile advertising specialist, today announced a new initiative to allow advertisers to only pay for click-throughs, which land on an advertiser's mobile web page.

Traditionally, advertisers pay for clicks and assume that these clicks will all result in a landing. In mobile however, due to a number of issues, the drop-off from clicks to landings can be as high as 80%, meaning that the clicks, which might have been bought at 20 pence, are actually costing as much as £1! With this new initiative, StrikeAd clients will only pay for those clicks that land on the page once loaded, significantly improving ROI.

By implementing a pixel on a mobile web landing page, StrikeAd can learn what type of traffic has high drop-off and programmatically and automatically reduce it [the drop-off]. The page must be loaded fully in order for the pixel to fire accordingly and for the click to qualify. The added benefit of StrikeAd's DSP in this new initiative is that by knowing which user, from which page or site, or from which banner or device, has visited the site, StrikeAd can then form a suitable pattern or profile in order to bid more for traffic that is likely to convert.

"This is a form of optimisation rarely offered by networks. Network conversions are usually between 38% to 65% click to land ratio, and operator traffic is at 90%," said Michael Dewhirst, CTO of StrikeAd. "With our pixels implemented on a client's landing page, we match and exceed the 90% threshold easily, driving incremental ROI for the advertiser. By offering 'guaranteed clicks', we produce much higher quality leads."

StrikeAd offers the world’s first mobile-specific advertising Demand Side Platform (DSP). It allows media agencies to manage and optimise multiple global mobile advertising campaigns from multiple advertisers from a single platform. Advertisers can buy best performing inventory to provide effectively filtered and optimised sales leads.

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About StrikeAd
StrikeAd is a leading mobile advertising specialist and developer of the world’s first dedicated mobile advertising Demand Side Platform (DSP), allowing media agencies to plan, optimise and deliver effective global mobile advertising campaigns.

StrikeAd Fusion is a proprietary mobile-specific platform, providing a single console through which agencies can plan, execute and evaluate hundreds of mobile campaigns on a global basis in real-time. The platform integrates automated optimisation, tracking and analytics that gives clients unparalleled insight and control over their mobile advertising campaigns. StrikeAd also operates a managed version of the DSP, StrikeAd Engage.

The company was founded in 2010, and manages its global DSP from offices in New York and London. For more information, please visit or take a look at our YouTube channel.

For further information, please contact:
Vanessa Ringel
+44 (0)20 7290 0380

Claire Grant
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