Clash Group launches new lead generation 'Path Plus' service

  • Offers revenue sharing partnership with website publishers

  • New solution enables website owners to monetize website's exiting traffic and at the same time provide Clash Group advertisers with access to a wider range of real-time consumer leads

NEW YORK, 16 July 2012 - Clash Group, the leading digital direct response advertising agency, has launched a new partnering initiative to directly connect advertisers with website publishers based purely on the relevance of the website’s traffic. The new 'Path Plus' service enables any website to maximize its profitability by monetizing exit-traffic through offers or marketing intervention that is tailored to precisely match the website’s formatting and branding. In this way, the Path Plus service generates highly relevant leads and helps to optimize sales conversion rates for businesses in any sector.

The launch of Path Plus provides an added offering from Clash Group to advertisers looking to effectively target and reach audiences through digital media, reflecting Clash Group's positioning as a full-service digital advertising agency. The introduction of Path Plus will associate with recent developments such as the company's acquisition of a coupon comparison website and a hot transfer initiative, to establish only the most substantial leads for Clash Group clients.

"Our whole business is built around delivering high quality leads to our clients – no matter how niche or specialized the demographics of the leads that they require," commented Tore Erickson, Chief Revenue Officer, Clash Group. "We are bringing together the publishers of these websites with the advertisers that want leads in these specialized areas. All of this happens within a very transparent and measurable framework, so that we can optimize our clients' return on investment."

The new 'Path Plus' model will be easy for advertisers and web publishers to access and use – web proprietors will be given full visibility and consultation of every offer available so that they can determine which will work best on their website. Both advertisers and publishers then have access to quick, easy and accurate reporting to see exactly how well certain campaigns are working and how much revenue they are generating.

"Our network of website publishers is vital to our overall performance – as that is what gives us access to some of the specific demographics that clients request from us. We need to provide a service that will not detrimentally affect a partner’s site, which is why we’ve done a lot of work to make sure that any offer a publisher picks up enhances their site. Publishers need visitors to stay on their sites and advertisers need them to click through to their offers – so we’ve taken many steps, both creative and technical, to ensure that happens," Tore Erickson continued.

About Clash Group:
Clash Group is a digital-specific full-service advertising agency based in New York that offers targeted advertising services in both mobile and wider digital markets. The Group comprises Clash Mobile, a Direct Response agency that delivers premium advertising traffic for advertisers through partnerships with leading mobile mediation and optimization platforms and Clash Media, a performance based online marketing agency that helps clients drive their business with high performance customer acquisition services. The group recently announced the acquisition of Vendari, publisher of a leading coupon comparison site, to consolidate its position in the rapidly growing coupon segment.

Additionally Clash Group owns its own media portals that link to key vertical markets such as education. With its advanced technology platform and creative services, Clash Group provides clients with access to over 60 billion page impressions globally, with inventory across 220 countries.

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