Three reasons why a mini iPad may mean big profits for mobile advertisers

With the 'iPad Mini' widely rumored to launch along with the iPhone 5 in September, Tore Erickson, the CRO of Clash Group takes a look at three factors that may benefit mobile advertisers if and when the iPad's little brother finally arrives.

If rumors are to be believed, Apple's launch of a 7-inch iPad is imminent. Despite experiencing market dominance with their larger 9-inch tablet, competitors such as Amazon and Google are experiencing growth with their own smaller models.

The Online Publishers Association has predicted that half of all US internet users will own tablets by 2013, and a cheaper, more accessible iPad is likely to make up a large chunk of that proportion, spelling good news for digital advertisers.

There are three main benefits of the arrival of an iPad Mini that I've outlined which I believe will directly aid the practices of digital advertisers.

1. Portability – 7-inch iPad is best of both worlds
The iPhone is great for portability but isn't ideal for displaying rich media ads, whereas the iPad is great for rich media ads but isn't ideal for portability! A 7-inch iPad offers the best of both worlds, with added portability and the option for displaying eye-catching rich media ads that will operate impeccably on a spacious screen with one of Apple's renowned, super-fast processors.

For advertisers, this can only be a good thing as portability opens up a whole new roster of mobile advertising features such as geo-location targeting, QR codes and coupons.

2. Apps – expect an influx of new additions
In-app advertising is growing in popularity, with spending set to reach $7bn by 2015. As with all new Apple product launches, expect an influx of new additions hitting the app store. In-app advertising works for a variety of advertisement forms varying from click-to-call banner ads, all the way through to rich media and augmented reality ads.

As better quality and more diverse apps hit the market, in-app adverts will also be bolstered as advertisers have a larger pool to aim their message, and users will be stimulated by the better quality of apps they are engaging with.

3. Browsing habits will change
As with the launches of both the iPhone and iPad, the way we browse the web is likely to change... 10% of all website views are on mobile, and that figure is expected to rise. A smaller iPad will bring greater stability to the mobile web and allow users to browse and buy with complete ease, all from the train station platform, and that is key for mobile advertisers looking to boost ROI.

No longer will browsing the web on a phone meet the stumbling blocks of poor web connection, navigation and screen size.

Of course, all of these observations are merely based on rumor, and knowing Apple it would be no surprise if they kept us waiting for another year or two until releasing their miniature tablet. But nonetheless, the potential for growth in mobile and digital advertising is unmistakable and as more devices become available and are taken up by consumers, the ability for advertisers to target specific audiences will become an increasingly valuable tool.

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