Driving mobile advertising – Are you a Dual or a Triple screener?

Ever heard of 'dual and triple screeners'? Well you may be one of them! Such people will typically watch TV while simultaneously surfing the net on their mobile phone, tablet or laptop computer.

In the piece below, Simon Wajcenberg, CEO of New York-based digital advertising agency Clash Group takes a look at how this generation is one of the key drivers in the growth of online advertising spend as companies strive to reach this digitally switched-on audience.

The proliferation of touch-screen technology, from smartphones to tablets, has brought about a massive surge in interest from companies, particularly in the Retail and Consumer Goods markets, wanting to connect with these users.  

Mobile advertising is still a small and young business when you compare it to how much money goes into digital – let alone offline – advertising and marketing campaigns. But there are some clear signs of it growing up fast: eMarketer originally said the U.S. was on track to have its first year of $1 billion-plus in mobile ad revenues. It first floated its $1 billion prediction in April last year, but now it is revising that number up to $1.23 billion.

What’s driving this fast growth?
Increased confidence from advertisers in the medium, for one. But also the fact that these advertisers are getting better scale for their investment: by the end of this year, some 38 percent of all U.S. consumers will be using a smartphone.

The $1.23 billion figure is nearly double the investment made by advertisers into mobile ads in the U.S. in 2010, which was $743 million. And eMarketer believes that by 2015, that number will go up by another $4 billion to reach nearly $4.4 billion.

Latest research from the IAB agrees – it says that mobile advertising grew by a massive 157 per cent in 2011. With 98% of agencies spending money on mobile advertising, the IAB figures also reveal that 90% of agencies feel mobile will be the fastest growing media for the next five years.

In its calculations, eMarketer looked at the three main areas of advertising on mobile today: display ads, search ads and messaging-based advertising, with ads viewed both on phones as well as tablets.

Direct Response advertising agencies, such as Clash Group, are creating ever more engaging and interactive rich media ads – turning to apps, video and new formats to engage and enhance the mobile experience. And the delivery platforms are now here to deliver these ads using Real Time Bidding, location tracking, consumer relevance and brand filtering, and then delivering these directly into the hand and the eyeballs of the mobile owner.

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