StrikeAd Announces New Retargeting Product for Mobile Web and Apps

Advanced Technology Allows Advertisers to Target Interested Consumers in Real-Time Bidding Environment 

NEW YORK, October 8, 2012StrikeAd, the world's first international mobile Demand Side Platform (DSP), today announced the launch of a new, proprietary retargeting product. The high-load, high-speed database now powers StrikeAd's three new solutions: retargeting, frequency capping and behavioural targeting. While adhering to the highest privacy standards, the innovative retargeting product enables advertisers to re-engage consumers who have previously shown an interest in their product or vertical. The technology further advances StrikeAd’s commitment to helping brands serve targeted and relevant ads at the right time and place, to the right audience, on the right device, and, now, while in the right mindset.

Retargeting increases advertising’s effectiveness by placing a message in front of consumers who have demonstrated a clear interest in a given brand or product – by visiting a particular website, for example. It is estimated that just two percent of online shoppers make a purchase on their first visit to an e-commerce site. Effective retargeting offers advertisers a second chance to convert the remaining 98 percent who have yet to be persuaded.

"These consumers should be low-hanging fruit, but only if you know who they are," said Alex Rahaman, StrikeAd’s CEO and founder. "We are proud to lead the industry not only in the effectiveness and technological complexity of our solutions, but also in our adherence to the most stringent consumer privacy requirements. The implications of this product for advertisers are massive. A retail chain, for example, could advertise to users who have downloaded their mobile app but have yet to make a purchase. Bringing mobile web and app retargeting together has been a difficult industry challenge, but our team of engineers around the world worked hard to make it a reality."

"Perfecting mobile retargeting is crucial for advertisers hoping to engage with consumers who have demonstrated interest in a given brand," said Brian Stoller, Leader, Digital Strategy for Mindshare North America. "Effectively retargeting on mobile has been difficult up to now, so this development is a win-win for advertisers and consumers alike. This technology represents an enormous opportunity for us to use mobile more efficiently and intelligently."

StrikeAd’s retargeting technology consists of five servers handling 85 million user records and processing thousands of queries per second, per server, at an average query time of 5 milliseconds. To handle the same volume of data, comparable solutions available on the market typically require three to four times the number of servers as StrikeAd’s system.

The new database securely and anonymously holds various keys (pieces of user-associated information) mapping each to a universal StrikeAd ID. StrikeAd's database may hold over 30 keys for a given user, potentially including cookie IDs, exchange user IDs, device IDs and others. StrikeAd’s platform rigorously adheres to Europe’s privacy regulations, generally considered to be among the strictest in the world, as well as the U.S.’s, and provides consumers with clear notice of StrikeAd’s data use and the ability to opt out of participating.

"We reviewed several platforms already on the market but did not find any that met the challenge. The technology behind this solution had to be more complex than traditional online products due to a much more fragmented mobile landscape – from technology and device diversity to supply source and methods of identification points," said Michael Dewhirst, StrikeAd CTO. "The project also involved additional integration development with various Supply Side Platforms and exchanges, which now feed StrikeAd extra data, allowing us to better target mobile consumers. We are also integrating with a number of third party audience data providers such as BlueKai, Admobius, PlaceIQ and many others to improve the performance even further."

About StrikeAd
Mobile advertising specialist StrikeAd has created the first dedicated mobile advertising Demand Side Platform (DSP) which allows advertisers, agencies and brands to quickly and transparently plan, optimize and deliver effective global mobile advertising campaigns.

StrikeAd’s platform allows media buyers and planners to create dynamic campaigns across multiple Supply Side Platforms and territories, reducing time, cost and complexity while offering greater control, better data and improved ROI. This allows them to deliver and monitor the effectiveness of any number of mobile campaigns globally and in real-time. StrikeAd Fusion includes sophisticated automated optimization, tracking and analytics to give clients unparalleled insight and control over their mobile advertising campaigns.

StrikeAd was founded in 2010 by digital and mobile advertising entrepreneur Alex Rahaman. Today the company has 55 members on staff in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Singapore and Kiev.

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