Targetwire Pricing

Targetwire pricing is highly budgetable with no hidden charges.

We do not charge a subscription fee for our services and our only additional charge is for translations and there are no ‘hidden’ charges for extra words, logos, pictures or links to your website, landing page or rich media.

Our basic flat fee includes the following;

  • Personalised target distribution profile to one country, up to 6 vertical industries
  • Personalised journalist buddy lists
  • Email and online distribution including Twitter
  • No text limits
  • Your Logo
  • Your Links
  • Online cuttings service, emailed to your inbox

You only pay ‘extra’ for translations and extra countries or regions.

We also offer bundled rates that include outreach for your key press releases using PresseSansFrontieres.

Discount rates for higher numbers of releases distributed over a 12 month period.

Contact Targetwire for your personalised quote

USA +1 775 232 7644

Europe +44 (0) 207 993 8211