Clash Media Mobile launches IVR filtering technology to identify targeted mobile ad respondents

  • Technology presents click-to-call ad respondents with automated voice options related to their needs
  • Works with recently announced 60 second call length mobile inventory optimizer to provide qualified leads to advertisers' call centers

NEW YORK, 30 April 2012 Clash Media Mobile, the leading mobile-specific direct response advertising agency, has introduced a new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capability for click-to-call mobile ad campaigns. The new technology presents ad respondents with automated voice options relating to their needs to ensure that only pre-qualified leads which have a high chance of conversion are connected to the advertiser's call center.

When a click-to-call mobile advertisement is actioned, respondents are taken to a third-party call center and given a set of options that sort the leads into categories. Respondents with agreed features are then directly connected to the advertiser's own contact center. The Voice Response development works together with Clash Media Mobile’s recently announced platform which purchases inventory based on call-length to dramatically decrease the amount of false leads sent to advertisers and increase conversion ratios.

"The introduction of IVR technology to our click-to-call ads will present advertisers with only their most desired leads – making sure wastage is kept to a minimum and advertisers are able to get the most out of their responses," commented Tore Erickson, Chief Revenue Officer of Clash Media Mobile. "Additionally, IVR allows us great advantages in eliminating pocket-dialed calls and self-disqualified calls which we know have been a particular problem for mobile advertisers in the past."

The move is part of a major drive by Clash Media Mobile to be an industry leader in direct response mobile advertising for higher value items such as education, finance and healthcare. The company offers target-driven campaign options such as location-based tracking, rich-media interactivity and click-to-call and includes options for clients to use their own call centers or to outsource to Clash Media Mobile's call center services.

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About Clash Media Mobile:
Clash Media Mobile is a mobile-specific direct response advertising agency, and part of Clash Media, the performance-based lead generation company based in New York. With its advanced technology platform, Clash Media Mobile provides clients with access to over 60 billion page impressions globally, with inventory across 220 countries.

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